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Budget reactions the good and the bad

The reaction to Scott Morrison’s second budget is that it is politically smart, despite it failing to rein in spending. The AICD’s view is that the ‘lifters and leaners’ has been replaced by ‘politics...

Weekly Updates

Each Monday, Stephen Walters provides an update on the economic week that was, and the week that will be. You can follow Stephen’s updates here.

The Dismal Science: The AICD’s economics podcast

In our new weekly podcast, AICD Chief Economist Stephen Walters discusses the economic news and issues that are affecting Australian boards.

What directors need to know about fintech

Since all organisations rely on financial services in some way, directors will need to be cognisant of the changes fintech is bringing as it enters the mainstream.

The economist: Much to like about the 2016 Census

Stephen Walters believes that despite controversy on Census night, the data shines a light on important demographic changes for Australia.

Industry 4.0: a whole of economy opportunity

The next evolution in manufacturing must be taken seriously by boards, writes Dr Jens Goennemann.

The Economist - A look to the future

Stephen Walters considers Australia’s future export prosperity and explains why it increasingly lies in the services sector.

The Futurist - Money matters

Phil Ruthven examines current and former household spending and considers the implications this will have for business.

Q1 Economic Update: Better than expected but still sluggish growth

Australian economic growth for the first quarter was better than most economists expected but still remained sluggish, says AICD Chief Economist Stephen Walters MAICD in the latest quarterly economic ...

Blueprint for Growth: government progress and missed opportunities

The 2017 Blueprint for Growth called for urgent action on a number of national reforms. The AICD’s Elizabeth Proust AO FAICD and Stephen Walters MAICD discuss recent government progress on these areas...

Subpar, but Australia’s economy still growing

GDP growth slips to lowest since immediately after the global financial crisis, but it’s not all bad news, writes Chief Economist Stephen Walters.
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