Topic: Culture

Does your organisation have a culture that supports better collaboration, opportunity and purpose for optimal productivity


Interview: NAB whistleblower Dennis Gentilin on how to avoid ethical failures

In 2004, as a young trader at National Australia Bank, Dennis Gentilin MAICD blew the whistle on a major foreign exchange trading scandal that saw the jailing of four of his colleagues on the desk. Mo...

How the C-suite sees risk: what boards should know

A recent international survey of C-suite and senior business leaders on the most pressing current and future risks to business could help align important risk conversations between board and managemen...

The new driver of corporate culture

An audit of a company’s culture identifies its DNA. Peter Jones explains why this is becoming a key part of the risk management process, with internal auditors in the driver’s seat.

Inside the Boardroom with Kate Thiele FAICD

Kate Thiele FAICD recently stepped down as CEO of Guide Dogs SA/NT. She is on the board of Zoos South Australia, the Adelaide Festival Centre Trust, the Crows Foundation, and was the 2015 SA Telstra B...

Leading chairs and CEOs share practical approaches to gender diversity

While great strides have been made to increase gender diversity in the boardroom, women still remain under-represented in senior leadership and executive pipelines. A group of leading chairs and CEOs ...

Updating governance for changing times

A recent study published in the Harvard Business Review argues that a broader, longer view is needed, that thinks beyond the short-term needs of shareholders.

What keeps directors awake at night: insights from the Director Sentiment Index

Every six months, as part of the Director Sentiment Index, the AICD asks members what issues are ‘keeping them awake at night’. Carissa Simons, the AICD’s Media Manager, runs through the current chall...

Directors' Counsel - Addressing the issue of culture

Professor Bob Baxt questions why litigation has not been brought against certain directors and explains why there is no need for a Royal Commission into banking.

Delivering the three Cs: how governance is vital for NFP success

Good governance underpins the success of a not-for-profit organisation. There are three crucial attributes – the three Cs – that excellence in governance give to an NFP, explains Bodo Mann, AICD Group...

The 5 main challenges facing today's not-for-profit boards

Ahead of the AICD’s NFP Forum, being held in Perth and Melbourne in May, keynote speaker Anne Skipper AM FAICD shared five of the main challenges she sees NFP boards facing.
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