Topic: Crisis Management

Crisis management is the process by which an organization deals with a disruptive and unexpected event that threatens to harm the organization, its stakeholders, or the general public.


Coping with a crisis

Slow-moving catastrophes such as the ongoing pandemic and intermittent lockdowns are forcing a rethink of crisis communications. Experts say a more effective response requires clear messaging.

Five response steps to the crisis for SMEs

As lockdowns continue in 2021, the number of distressed businesses are on the rise. How can organisations and their boards cope with disappearing cashflow and other challenges posed to their existence...

COVID-19: Can your business claim rescue funds?

The Delta variant of COVID-19 has caused widespread economic disruption across Australia, especially in Greater Sydney, the country’s biggest city, where up to five million residents have been i...

Coping with chaos

Fortem Australia managing director John Bale MAICD and chair Graham Ashton AM APM are united in their stand for the mental wellbeing of Australia’s first responders.

What does our post-pandemic future look like? Australian Governance Summit 2021 highlights

This year’s Australian Governance Summit held in Sydney was attended by 1,200 directors and staged in a hybrid format for the first time, with half the attendees taking part online. Debate was lively ...

How to build organisational resilience

Resilience NSW chief Shane Fitzsimmons AFSM says the key to building resilience is planning and preparing for disaster scenarios at a local level. But first we have to combat complacent attitudes towa...

One performing arts group's creative solutions for surviving the pandemic

COVID-19 decimated the arts and culture industry, but not-for-profit group Performing Lines turned adversity to its advantage by quickly adapting to change.

A coastal community rises from the ashes

The Victorian town of Mallacoota was ravaged by bushfires in 2019-20. Now, the community is coming together to focus on recovery and governing in a new era of regrowth.

How humble groceries helped Coles Group boost performance during COVID-19

Unlike much of the wider retail sector, Coles Group increased its online capacity and grew sales during COVID-19. Chair James Graham AM shares their strategies for performing under pressure.

From mining to medical devices: ventilator breaths new life into business

When mining services manufacturer Gekko Systems pivoted to make the only regulator-approved Australian ventilator to treat patients with COVID-19, it led to a business restructure and spin-off medical...
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