Topic: Board meetings

Find out what you need to know to ensure your board meetings are effective


Organisation intangibles drown in a sea of data

Board packs are light on the human factors that define a company’s people and culture.

On Board Forums: taking the next step

The AICD’s On Board Forums provide an opportunity for emerging female directors to build their networks and learn from Australia’s most distinguished directors. Ahead of events to be held ...

Board meeting agenda

The purpose of a board meeting agenda is to improve the effectiveness of board meetings.

Annual board calendar

A well-planned meeting schedule identifies the year’s key issues and helps directors to ensure that matters requiring their attention are addressed in a timely and logical manner.

Board minutes

Board minutes are used to record the decisions of the board. They are used to convey board decisions to the executives who will implement the decisions and serve as reference for the board if it wishe...

Board papers

Board members gain a great deal of information about the decisions they need to make through the papers they receive prior to a board meeting. Papers cover a variety of functions, from providing gener...

Boardrooms in the digital age

The ever increasing use of electronic devices such as smart phones, laptops and computer tablets (for example, Apple iPads, Windows Surface, etc.) has given rise to a number of issues and questions re...

Robust discussion v bullying: tips on how to avoid crossing the line

Directors as “workers” may become subject to anti-bullying orders following a recent landmark decision by the Fair Work Commission. But how do directors avoid crossing the line between robust boardroo...

Future of the AGM – Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater

Shareholders, investors, companies, directors and commentators have flagged a decline in the importance and role of the AGM. Steven Cole FAICD presents the case for improving and modernising this crit...

Updating governance for changing times

A recent study published in the Harvard Business Review argues that a broader, longer view is needed, that thinks beyond the short-term needs of shareholders.
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