Topic: Board functions

Learn how to map-out the function of your board and ensure that it delivers


Top tips for making the most of your board papers

Senior directors and facilitators explain how brevity, clarity and colour can help you get the best out of your board papers.

Rise of the Activist Investor

Rapidly growing shareholder activism is demanding listed boards engage more with investors on a broader range of issues. This requires deeper focus and different skills, reports Tony Featherstone. Is ...

Should boards have a social conscience?

At Essential Director Updates around the country, the most common question was: how vocal should boards be in public debate on social issues, such as the Yes and No campaigns for marriage equality? Se...

Time out

Experts explain how to maximise value from your off-site, plus our guide to the best corporate retreats.

Role of the board

Reference to board in this document means the group of individuals (howsoever described or called) in whom the governance, control, direction and management of the organisation is vested in accordance...

Role of the chair

The chair has been described as first among equals within the board of directors and is usually appointed to the position of chair by fellow board members, rather than directly by the organisation’s m...

ASIC gets busy with financial reports and information for directors

ASIC has released a number of resources to assist preparers, directors and auditors improve the quality of financial reports in the FY17 reporting season. AICD Senior Policy Adviser, Kerry Hicks, unpa...

Updating governance for changing times

A recent study published in the Harvard Business Review argues that a broader, longer view is needed, that thinks beyond the short-term needs of shareholders.

What listed directors need to know about new auditing standards

Boards of listed companies need to engage auditors now on key audit matters under new accounting standards in place for this reporting season. AICD Senior Policy Adviser Kerry Hicks explains what you ...

5 questions boards must ask about cybersecurity

“The day of the ball is not the time to learn how to dance,” says the Wall Street Journal’s Cybersecurity Research Director, Rob Sloan. At an AICD breakfast last week, he shared the five questions boa...
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