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Building an AI-first company: A director's guide

AI is complex and involves ethical challenges. How should directors be approaching this transformative technology? AI-focused venture capitalist Ash Fontana gives a how-to guide in this video.

Three ASX chairs speak out on recovery

How is your organisation addressing resilience and recovery at the board level? At a recent AICD event in Perth, three chairs of top ASX-listed companies outlined their perspectives on recovery and ho...

Embracing the value chain to cope with modern uncertainty

Conditions in the business world have never been as fluid, or moved quite as quickly, as what is occurring today. This unprecedented level of malleability has brought new importance to building resili...

How to be good at data

Why is it vital for business leaders to understand how data works in their organisations? As the former CEO of Facebook Australia and New Zealand, Stephen Scheeler explains, it’s all about keeping up ...

ABS urges boards to make the most of data

Open data could be a gold mine of benefits for directors, but it remains widely underused. Australian Statistician David Kalisch discusses the possible risks and rewards.

Four lessons from a startup founder

With a vision to transform agriculture and improve global food production using AI and big data, The Yield is an unconventional startup. Here are four crucial lessons CEO Ros Harvey has learned, which...

The New Governance of Data and Privacy

In this edited extract from the AICD publishing imprint’s latest title, ‘The New Governance of Data and Privacy: Moving Beyond Compliance to Performance’, authors Malcolm Crompton AM...

Embracing the disruptive future of AI

Machine learning combining with big data to solve complex problems, technologies augmenting human intelligence, and robot directors on boards: the time to talk about artificial intelligence is now.

Innovation, collaboration and big data: What you missed at the Public Sector Forum

Testing common assumptions and the future challenges facing public sector governance were on the agenda at this year’s Public Sector Forum.

5 questions boards must ask about cybersecurity

“The day of the ball is not the time to learn how to dance,” says the Wall Street Journal’s Cybersecurity Research Director, Rob Sloan. At an AICD breakfast last week, he shared the five questions boa...
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