Topic: Advocacy and policy

Talking to government and setting policies. AICD is an important and influential voice advocating for our members' best interests


AICD's response to the banking Royal Commission interim report

AICD reflects on Commissioner Hayne's banking Royal Commission interim report and where to now for Australian governance.

Financial Services Royal Commission – AICD response to interim report

The AICD has provided a submission to the Financial Services Royal Commission in relation to matters raised in Commissioner Hayne’s interim report.

AICD's update on superannuation and external conduct standards

Governance issues in super emerging from the banking Royal Commission, external conduct standards, and the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution are front of mind for AICD this month.

AICD survey results: Directors lose confidence in government

The latest Australian Institute of Company Directors’ (AICD) Director Sentiment Index (DSI) for the second half of 2018 shows directors have increasing pessimism towards Canberra’s im...

Director Sentiment Dips in Uncertain Climate

Australia’s directors have lost confidence over the past six months, although they remain more optimistic about the economic and business outlook than they were at the end of 2017.

Director Sentiment Index: Second Half 2018

For the first time in 18 months, director confidence has fallen, according to the AICD’s Director Sentiment Index. Despite the fall over the last six months, directors are optimistic about the health ...

The latest on the Royal Commission, illegal phoenixing and the ACNC

The Hayne Royal Commission Interim Report, Director Identification Numbers to combat illegal phoenixing, and the ACNC's five-year review are on the AICD agenda this month.

Gender diversity momentum continues on ASX 200 boards

The boards of Australia’s largest companies are drawing closer to achieving 30% female representation by the end of 2018.

What can Australia learn from global board models?

The banking Royal Commission has prompted increased scrutiny of Australian board governance models. AICD explores global jurisdictions and where we can take inspiration.

Could Director Identification Numbers counter illegal phoenixing?

The federal government's introduction of Director Identification Numbers could bring illegal phoenixing to an end. But would it be effective?
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