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Talking to government and setting policies. AICD is an important and influential voice advocating for our members' best interests


AICD Advocacy on key issues for 2021

Resetting the regulatory agenda is critical for driving post-pandemic recovery, says AICD head of Advocacy Louise Petschler. Here are the AICD's priorities for the year ahead.

More than a third of ASX200 boards are still at less than 30% women | 18 November 2020

Another eight companies in the ASX 200 have reached the target of 30 per cent women on their boards this quarter. However, there are still 87 companies whose boards have not yet reached 30 per cent. N...

Have your say on key AICD governance issues

Louise Petschler, AICD head of Advocacy, calls for member feedback on several governance issues, including directors' duties and managing stakeholder voices in the boardroom.

First defendant win in a shareholder class action

A landmark decision for class action defendants and corporate Australia, this represents the first dismissal of a shareholder class action after a full trial. It is the ninth shareholder class action ...

Sentiment bounces back despite COVID-19 economic uncertainty crisis: Director Sentiment Index

The latest Director Sentiment Index (DSI) has revealed a jump in director sentiment, despite the on-going economic uncertainty triggered by COVID-19.

AICD calls for permanent reforms to director liability

Key reform tasks needed to boost growth and support the recovery from AICD's head of Advocacy Louise Petschler.

New proxy adviser rules in United States

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has adopted new rules governing the conduct of proxy advisers (see here for the SEC’s release). Designed to address concerns about the “outs...

Long-term reform needed to boost post-pandemic growth

The AICD has welcomed regulatory relief on virtual AGMs, but long-term reform will be needed to support economic growth after the pandemic, writes AICD head of Advocacy Louise Petschler.

Gender diversity reaches 31.3% on ASX 200 boards | 19 August 2020

While the proportion of women on ASX 200 boards has risen to 31.3%, only half of those companies have individually reached the 30% target, highlighting that there is still work to be done.

Australia's corporate regulation is overdue for an update

As the pandemic continues to force the digital transformation of business, it is vital that corporate rules and regulations catch up, writes AICD head of Advocacy Louise Petschler.
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