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The Dismal Science: The AICD’s economics podcast

In our new weekly podcast, AICD Chief Economist Stephen Walters discusses the economic news and issues that are affecting Australian boards.

Scourge or market mechanism? Short selling implications for boards

Australian boards are preparing for more aggressive short-selling campaigns as international hedge funds flex their muscles.

A fresh pair of eyes

The AICD’s Amber O’Connell asks whether lengthy board tenure is a barrier to innovation.

AMP Capital lists sugar and obesity as a long-term ESG investment trend for 2017

AMP Capital predicts the ESG focus on sugar and obesity will increase a notch during 2017, potentially impacting earnings.

How boards are turning activists into allies

The Governance Leadership Centre speaks with leading governance researcher David Beatty on how shareholder activism is transforming traditional governance models.

A framework for boards to safeguard against shareholder activism

13 steps to consider for directors to consider, as investor relations role grows.

Weekly Updates

Each Monday, Stephen Walters provides an update on the economic week that was, and the week that will be. You can follow Stephen’s updates here.

Proxy advisers: Have your say

The role of proxy advisers is in the spotlight. The AICD is currently developing a new policy around the issues that they pose. We are calling on input from our members, writes AICD Senior Policy Advi...

What listed directors need to know about new auditing standards

Boards of listed companies need to engage auditors now on key audit matters under new accounting standards in place for this reporting season. AICD Senior Policy Adviser Kerry Hicks explains what you ...

State of corporate governance in India

In the wake of recent governance controversies at two of India’s largest companies, Praveen Gupta MAICD explains what went wrong, the implications for the business community and why corporate governan...
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