Change is inevitable; failure isn’t

Challenge your industry knowledge and develop a fresh perspective on the contemporary business environment. Created specifically for private enterprise board members and executives, our new Private Business Forum, will provide practical information to ensure your board has the resilience to govern into the future. Immerse yourself in discussions with industry leaders about disruption and agile business models, cyber security and effectively engaging your workforce.

Registration and welcome


Registration will begin at 8.00am, with 30 minutes for networking and light refreshments. The forum will commence promptly at 8.30am with a brief welcome from the forum MC.

Rethinking traditional business models


In an age of ongoing disruption, business models must be continually reviewed to ensure they are allowing the business to respond to changes in its environment.

This session will discuss in a practical sense how private business boards should be evolving their business to position themselves for the future.

Our speakers will discuss:

  • Transitioning the business – how to move to a more innovative and agile business model; what factors should be considered?

  • Dealing with barriers – overcoming the challenges that arise when innovating your business model, including boardroom resistance.

  • Competing pressures – staying focused on business-as-usual while leading the business through a time of change and uncertainty.

  • What others are doing? – real life examples of how private boards have redefined their business model and transitioned their business.

Presentations will be followed by a Q&A with the speakers.

Strategies for improving workforce engagement


Businesses of all sizes are facing an increasing challenge to keep their workforce engaged and motivated. Organisations that get this right can hire and retain staff more easily, deliver better customer service, and generate greater profitability in the long term. So how do you create an enviable work environment in the private sector?

This session examines what an engaged workforce can do for your business, examples of private businesses that have become a workplace of choice, and the board’s role in improving employee engagement.

Our speakers will discuss:

  • Engagement measures – how to montior the engagement levels of your workforce.

  • Strategies for improvement – designing strategies to facilitate deeper and more sustainable engagement.

  • The board’s influence – how directors can positively influence engagement from the boardroom.

  • What others are doing? – examples of private business boards that have successfully and intentionally brought about major improvements in employee engagement.

Presentations will be followed by Q&As with the speakers.

Using data to generate insights and drive decision making


Businesses are collecting an increasing amount of customer data, but many aren’t capturing it effectively and using it to drive strategic decisions. Data should underpin every decision the board makes.

This session will explore the practical aspects of big data as they relate to the board, as well as showcase private businesses that are succesfully using data to drive decision making and grow their business.

Our speakers will discuss:

  • Where to start – what questions should the board be asking of management?

  • Strategies for using data effectively – how data can be used to monitor the business more effectively and generate new insights into customers and markets.

  • Pitfalls to beware of – avoid ineffective and costly attempts to use data.

  • What others are doing? – hear from private businesses that are utilising data to improve the performance of their business.

Presentations will be followed by Q&As with the speakers.

Networking lunch


Make new connections and reflect on the morning's discussions over lunch.

Cybersecurity – are you prepared for the inevitable attacks?


No organisation, regardless of size, is safe from cyber attacks and cyber breaches. The impacts can be devastating, yet many private businesses are not taking adequate steps to protect their most valuable digital assets.

Our speakers will discuss:

  • Digital vulnerability – how to assess your business’ vulnerability to cybercrime and identify which digital assets you should protect.

  • Board responsibilities and capabilities – practical steps the board should take to ensure the organisation is adequately protected.

  • Response strategies – how to successfully deal with hacks when they arise (as they inevitably will).

  • Board–management discussions – questions your board should be asking.

Presentations will be followed by Q&As with the speakers.