Director Download: Real World Information Risk

Mon 8 Jul 2019
6.00pm to 7.00pm

(Arrival time: 5.30pm)
5 This event will earn you 5 DPD units


AICD WA Division
Level 1, Allendale Square
77 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA


Single Members: A$40.00 Non-members: A$50.00

Mark Jones

Security Practice Lead (WA) Dimension Data

Mark leads the Cyber Security Practice for Dimension Data in Western Australia, and has more than twelve years’ experience in senior cyber security management roles within the Resource, Financial Services and Telecommunications sectors. His career spans the globe and two decades, experiencing the many nuances of governance and regulation, culture, adoption of technology and Cyber Security throughout the world.

Mark considers himself an analyst foremost, with his knowledge of technology, business operations, culture and governance providing a deep understanding of risk and opportunity for businesses using technology.

His career, and its focus on appropriate information use, is a logical application of that knowledge, identifying implications of technology use, and providing practical implementation of Cyber Security.

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Organisations are aware of legislation and regulation that defines the environment in which they operate but are less clear on how that relates to the information that makes their organisation operate, and the impact if they do not control it.

The lead of the Cyber Security Practice for Dimension Data in Western Australia, Mark Jones, will provide practical guidance on how to identify and define measurable objectives for an organisation, closing the gap between your vision as an organisation, and how it relates to the technology and information being used to make your organisation successful.

Specifically, it presents an approach to recognise the requirements on business, be that externally imposed or internal strategy and direction, and the relation to execution and use of information.

Realising the value in your information, or gaps thereof, allows informed decisions to be made and provides effective management of information risk. The discussion provides one approach to developing capability, appropriate measures and controls when faced with challenges such as limited specialised resources, and potentially costly technology programs.

What will I take away from this session?

  • How to identify the requirements in relation to practical operation of your organisation
  • An approach to defining the value of information to your organisation
  • Some practical steps to manage information related risk

Knowledge of topic required?

  • No prior knowledge