Directors' Download: What's Your Board's Role in Leading Organisational Culture Online?

Mon 9 Jul 2018
6.00pm to 7.00pm

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AICD WA Division Office
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Julissa Shrewsbury

Director, New Work Consulting

Julissa Shrewsbury is the founder and managing director of New Work Consulting, a multi-award winning consultancy in business and personal brand strategy and communication, specialising in professional image development and LinkedIn strategy for corporate executives and teams.

A LinkedIn Influencer and thought leader in personal branding for business, Julissa travels nationally for work and regularly writes and speaks on topics such as personal branding, using LinkedIn strategically, and how to use online content to create a high-impact personal or business brand. She has presented training for The Singapore Institute of Directors, RSM, HLB Mann Judd, UWA’s ECOMS students, Central TAFE’s Marketing and Commerce students, Subsea Energy Australia, The Western Australian Club, UWA’s Graduate Management Association and lawyer CPD programs, among many others. Her articles have been published in various print and online media, including The West Australian, The Sunday Times and Julissa is a published author and has also been interviewed on various radio programs and online podcasts.

Julissa has consulted for businesses of all sizes, covering a broad range of industries such as law, accounting, finance, engineering and business advisories. Her clients include Aussie Homeloans, Helloworld Travel, Dome Cafes, and top executives from The 500 Club, Morgans and Macquarie.

Julissa is a university-qualified (B.Ed, B.Arts) educator with close to 20 years’ experience in the field, having taught people of all ages and backgrounds. She uses her understanding of education psychology and inclusive education programming to create and deliver exceptional learning experiences. With a thorough but warm approach, including anecdotes, insider tips and lots of visual examples, Julissa’s presentations are fun, fast-paced and very informative.

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It is said that ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ but Culture is one of the most challenging aspects of governance, because it can be intangible. However, the organisation’s culture is perfectly visible online.

Outside of the organisation’s brand communications program, content on social media describes the culture - through media reports, customer reviews, and what staff members are saying on their social profiles. Despite best intentions of staff, social media is not really private – but most people are unaware of this.

Online activity is another layer of culture that can break down positive aspects and perpetuate negative ones if not attended to.

In our increasingly online world, the board must insist on a pro-active strategy to inform and empower an organisation so that it can represent and build on the culture it aspires to.

With the current trends in corporate personal branding and organisational LinkedIn strategy, there are clear implications for boards in terms of leading the way. Directors can individually set the tone with well-defined personal brands on LinkedIn that speak to who you are and why you do what you do.

Key points:

  • Boards setting the tone: A focus on the ‘who’ and ‘why’
  • Private social media profiles are not really private
  • The challenge of ownership: Leading the way to empower rather than attempting to restrict how team members use their personal social media profiles
  • A pro-active approach to shaping and managing online representation of culture, and minimising risk
  • Leading the way with your own personal brand on LinkedIn: how to represent your varied roles