Director Briefing: The future of AGMs





Steven Cole FAICD

Steven Cole FAICD

Principal, Cole Corporate

Steven Cole has over 40 years of professional, corporate and business experience through senior legal consultancy, as well as a range of executive management and non executive appointments.

His extensive boardroom and board sub-committee experience includes ASX listed, statutory, proprietary and NFP organisations covering the industrial, financial, educational, professional services, health and resources sectors.

Steven’s professional qualifications include:

  • Llb (hons)– University of Western Australia
  • AICD Company Directors Diploma and Fellow
  • Wharton School – University of Pennsylvania – Corporate Governance Program 2010

Steven has strong work and community ethic. His continuing appointments include:

  • Deputy Chairman of Reed Resources Limited (ASX listed);
  • Non-Executive Director of Matrix Composites and Engineering Limited;
  • Chairman of 2 investment trust companies with around $20m under management;
  • Chairman of Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Trust (a WA statutory authority);
  • Chairman of Brightwater Care Group Inc, a major charitable NGO.
Has the AGM reached its use-by date or can its useful life be extended?

A recent survey shows 47 per cent of direct investors have never been to an AGM, whilst a third of directors in the latest Director Sentiment Index consider the annual general meeting system in Australia to be dysfunctional.

The biggest shift in sentiment about AGMs has occurred over the last few years which begs the question - is it broken or can it be mended?

Join colleagues and peers as sought after speaker Steven Cole FAICD, Managing Director, Cole Corporate, discusses the future of the AGM in the context of:

  • Its original governance purpose
  • Shareholder gains/losses over recent decades
  • Common criticisms of AGM’s
  • Contemporary issues and thoughts to revive its utility
  • The rise of shareholder activism