SME Directors’ Briefing: How to Establish a Highly-Effective Management Team

Wed 21 Mar 2018
6.00pm to 7.30pm

(Arrival time: 5.30pm)
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Pitcher Partners
Level 19, 15 William Street
Melbourne VIC


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They say ‘an organisation is only as strong as its people’ which is why getting the right mix of people on the management team is imperative to business success.

In any organisation it is important for the leaders of that organisation to establish trust - not only with the teams they lead, but also with other leaders in the organisation. This trust goes hand in hand with building relationships with those around you in the workplace. To achieve success senior managers should take the time and get to know the people they work with. The information obtained from workplace relationships will prove invaluable in managing and motivating teams. Encouraging collaboration between colleagues will lead to a positive and effective working environment. This environment can then be maintained with a range of ground rules set for respective teams, equipping them with a methodology to be able to work together whilst maintaining a strong and respectful working environment.

Join us at our upcoming Directors’ Briefing to hear more on how the above points can help to establish a highly-effective management team.


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