Townsville Directors’ Briefing: Governing in an AI Environment

This is a multi-day event:

Thu 13 Feb 2020 - Thu 1 Jan 2099
5.45pm to 8.00pm

(Arrival time: 5.15pm)
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The Ville Resort Casino - Ballroom
Sir Leslie Thiess Dr


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Gavin Keeley GAICD

CEO, Seach 365
Artificial Intelligence is already around us and organisations will play a significant role in its development and the impact it can have in our society.

If the media headlines are to be believed, then you could be forgiven for thinking that there are two main trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

A powerful tool with the potential to solve many problems in our society; or it is a peril that should be taken into consideration very carefully.

As boards of directors gain awareness of the importance of understanding AI, more companies are starting to use it (for example, chatbots are being used for customer service and robo-advisors), but the opportunities of AI go far beyond such use.

Join us as we hear from Gavin Keeley GAICD, who will discuss the strategic risks boards need to consider with regards to AI, Machine Learning and Robotics.

What will I take away from this session:

  • Best practices: How AI was used in a particular situation, resulting in a benefit for the company (it can be in terms of profies, but also brand recognition, benefits for employees or for the environment etc)
  • Better understanding of the differences between AI, Machine Learning and Robotics
  • Examples of pitfalls/failures and lessons learnt from them: When AI did not work as expected and what the consequences were for the company
  • Guidelines and principles: A basic guide to ensure the application of AI in a conscious and ethical way.
  • Red flags and alert signs for a company to take into consideration.


  • Gavin Keeley GAICD, CEO, Search 365

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