Safety Governance: How informed is your board about managing damage?

Wed 22 Aug 2018
7.15am to 12.00pm

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Customs House, The Long Room
399 Queen Street
Brisbane Qld


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Gerard Forlin QC (UK)

Barrister/QC acting on Grenfell Tower, MH370, Shoreham Air Disaster
Called to the bar in England in 1984 and appointed as Queens Counsel in 2010, Gerard is a specialist in health and safety; manslaughter; disaster litigation; aviation; railways; fire; shipping safety; regulatory offences; product liability; healthcare; commercial fishing; consumer crime; corruption; waste offences; human rights; and inquests. Gerard has advised on over 250 fatality cases, including: Grenfell Tower, Shoreham Air Disaster, MH370, Watford, Southall, Paddington, James Porter, Teebay, Barrow, Hatfield, Purley, Faversham, Britannia Air Crash, City of London Lift Case, Alton Towers, Greek Catamaran, inquests in Falklands and other sporting, aviation and construction cases. Gerard is also standing counsel to numerous unions, public limited companies and government departments, He is visiting lecturer to universities and other institutions in the UK and worldwide.

Maria Saraceni

Barrister and Board Member

Maria practises in regulatory and compliance law and advises on corporate governance matters. Her wealth of experience across all facets of employment law, industrial relations and workplace health and safety is well recognised. In addition to her legal work, Maria gives back to the community via her work as a non-executive director on various statutory and not-for-profit boards. Marie currently sits on the following boards:

  • WA Northern Metropolitan Health Services Board
  • WA Construction Industry Long Service Leave Payments Board
  • Law Access Limited
  • IFAP (Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention Limited)
  • Lost and Found Opera Inc

Jamie McPherson

Managing Partner, DWF Law
Jamie has over 25 years’ experience in Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S), employment law and Queensland Workers’ Compensation. Jamie has acted for a wide range of corporations in the construction, property, logistics, environmental services, leisure and energy sectors, as well as major state government agencies and authorities. In addition to his OH&S expertise, Jamie is recognised as a leading personal injuries lawyer in Queensland and has been instrumental in developing one of the state’s largest WorkCover and self-insurance practices. Jamie has worked with HR/People and Culture departments in a range of organisations drafting workplace policies and procedures and advising on OH&S in the workplace.

Dr Matthew Stewart

Director, Physiotherapist & Chiropractor
Matthew is a physiotherapist, chiropractor and company director that understands the delicate balance between the health of an individual and the health of a business. After 15 years, working with over 200 companies across Australia, New Zealand and China, Matthew has developed new ways of looking at how businesses think about workplace health, and how it can lead to better performance and productivity.  By identifying the most critical times and impactful points of intervention, Matthew helps businesses focus on the important things that can be done right now to prevent small pains from turning into business icebergs. Matt believes that the workplace is somewhere that you should go to be healthy, rather than to get hurt. This paradigm shift away from fixing something only when it is broken, opens the way to proactive and predictive strategies that keep workers happy and businesses successful.

Jillian Hamilton

Managing Director,Manage Damage Pty Ltd
Jillian has an extensive career across many industries and saw the need to approach safety and risk in a new way.  She has been saving organisations millions of dollars in workers’ compensation and associated insurance costs for over a decade. Her proven ability to fine-tune and remedy existing risk management strategy for positive outcomes uses a pioneering methodology called Risk Dollarisation™ to quantify risk terms of dollars. Jillian is sought after by both the private and public sector for her knowledge and clarity on workers’ compensation and associated damage costs.

Hans Horst Konkolewsky

Secretary General of the International Social Security Association

The Secretary General of the international Social Security Association since 2005, Mr Hans-Horst Konkolewsky has promoted the concept of dynamic social security and is a leading advocate of the social dimension of globalisation.  Elected by the members of the ISSA to lead the Association, Hans-Horst oversees a programme of worldwide activities that includes a major international conference and seminars on social security issues; research and data gathering; training for CEOs and middle management officials; promotion and public information activities; regional activities for the four regions: Asia, Aftica, Europe and the Americas as well as external relations with other major international organisations involved with social and economic development issues (World Bank, IMF, OECD, ILO,WHO, UN, etc).

Prior to his election as Secretary General, Mr Hans-Horst Konkolewsky served for 10 years as the director of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, a tripartite European Union institution located in Bilbao, Spain.  Under his leadership, the Agency became the major provider of safety and health information for workplaces and a key driver in promoting a prevention culture not only in Europe, but also worldwide.

Safety Governance is often overlooked in the space of risk governance.

Safety Governance is often overlooked in the space of risk governance.  However with globalisation of our markets, newly increased penalities and the positive duty of due diligence for directors and officers, the focus on safety governance must be reignited.

Managing the non-financial risk in an organisation is often difficult to visualise.  At this unique half day event, international and national experts will explore safety governance and its impact on your business, your position as a board member, or operational leader and how you can lead for positive fiscal outcomes and best practice.  You will be provided with best practice case studies and solutions to govern safety risk, which will help you finesse your strategy on safety governance.

Our experts will cover:

  • Gerard Forlin QC (UK) (Grenfell Tower, Shoreham Air Disaster, MH370) : The creation of industrial manslaughter laws and their implications to Australia – (Keynote)
  • Maria Saraceni, Barrister and Board Member: As a board member what do you know about safety risk in your business and how you can inform yourself?
  • Jamie McPherson, Managing Partner, DWF Law: Crisis Planning: How a board should prepare for fatalities?
  • Dr Matthew Stewart: The true cost of muscular skeletal damage in the Australian Workplace
  • Jillian Hamilton, Managing Director, Manage Damage Translating Safety Risk to Your Board Room
  • Hans Horst Konkolewsky: Secretary General of the International Social Security Association, Globalisation of Safety and the launch of Vision Zero

At the conclusion of the event, the International Security Association will launch its VisionZero campaign in Australia.  This is the first global campaign to improve safety, health and wellbeing at work; acknowledges that no-one from any nation should lose their life at work.



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