Sydney Directors’ Briefing: Digital Transformation and the Board

Tue 15 Mar 2022
5.30pm to 8.00pm

(Arrival time: 5.15pm)
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Four Seasons Hotel
199 George Street
Sydney NSW


Single Members: A$90.00 Non-members: A$105.00
What are the key challenges that lie ahead in understanding and supporting digital transformation in the workplace? 

Digital transformation has led to a global shift in the management and operations of organisations. It has also heightened awareness about threats and disruptions a workplace will face in the journey to a successful digital transformation. 

Boards and executives must align their language, priorities and plans for responding to the digital transformation journey.  

To help facilitate a successful digital transformation, the Digital Transformation Director’s Briefing will explore important topics of cyber security, digitisation, application modernisation, and why effective use of data should be a consistent theme with Boards.   

Join us as leading experts explain why digitisation is the key to successful organisational transformation and: 

  • Why the message, reason and purpose of digital transformation must be consistent across the Board and executive team.  
  • The integral part digital plays in supporting organisational change to enhance business product and service delivery.  
  • The need for dialogue around risk and why it is fundamental to business survival.  
  • Why digital investment requires a supporting business case and upfront board approval to ensure complete transparency. 
  • Why establishing a strong governance framework ahead of a digital transformation program is critical to success. 

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