Director Download: Triple threat financial reporting standards

Wed 29 Aug 2018
4.00pm to 5.00pm

(Arrival time: 3.30pm)
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Sydney AICD Learning Centre
Level 1, 10 Bond Street
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Amitav Saha

Amitav Saha

Head of Accounting, FIPA, FCPA, University of Notre Dame Business School

Amitav Saha is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Notre Dame Australia’s Sydney Campus where he is responsible for management of the accounting discipline and lecturing a range of accounting units. Amitav is a Fellow of CPA Australia and the Institute of Public Accountants Australia.

His consulting experience includes serving on various committees of the accounting professional bodies and providing extensive thought leadership in emerging accounting issues. More recently, he has delivered training sessions across Australia on a range of financial reporting issues and implementation of upcoming accounting standards. In 2017, his contribution to the accounting profession was recognised by CPA Australia with a Divisional President’s Award for Excellence.

Amitav holds a Master of Philosophy from UNSW Sydney. He also has a Master of Commerce, a Graduate Certificate and a Bachelor of Business. His research program includes observing various impacts of International Financial Reporting Standards and corporate disclosures. His work appeared in scholarly books, conference proceedings and high ranked accounting journal. He has presented his research at national and international conferences across Australia, Europe and the US.

Understanding the new accounting standards and their impact on financial reporting to key stakeholders.

Three new accounting standards are set to shake up the financial reporting landscape over the next two years. Directors need to be aware of these key changes to fulfil their financial responsibilities in the boardroom.

Special guest speaker Amitav Saha FCPA and Senior Lecturer at the University of Notre Dame Australia will join us to break down these reporting changes and highlight their implications for directors. In a brief 45-minute download, Amitav will cover:

  • Background and reasons for issuing IFRS 9 (financial instruments), IFRS 15 (revenue recognition) and IFRS 16 (leases)
  • Overview and impact of key reporting changes introduced by these three new standards
  • Applicable dates, disclosures and reporting requirements
  • The role of directors in dealing with implementation issues and challenges

In a recent media release ASIC Commissioner John Price said, ‘It is important that directors and management ensure that companies are prepared for these new standards and inform investors and other financial report users of the impact on reported results.’

Make sure you’re prepared for these new standards and join us for this exclusive member only Director Download event on August 29.

ASIC Media Release: 18-159MR Major changes affecting reported net assets and profit, and other focuses for 30 June 2018 reporting.

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