NFP Director Connections




For the emerging director, finding a board position can be a daunting task.

Wear many hats

Networking remains a vital part of board appointments. Building your networks and gaining boardroom experience will give raise to other opportunities. Boards want to know that a new director will add value and fit in. Aspiring directors must put themselves forward and let board members know the skills they possess and that they are available.

We are delighted to host this networking evening to assist in expanding your contacts and potentially help you open doors to a board position that matches your experience, skills and values.

Previous participants have had this to say about the evening:

“Professional, helpful, valuable”
“I found it a great way to engage with prospective Directors and to share information about the service our organisation delivers”
“Effective process for Directors to meet with NFP Boards and vice versa. Has been an effective recruitment strategy for our Board for the last 2 years”

If your board is currently recruiting and would like to participate please contact Ana Tomaz on (02) 6132 3200.


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