“It’s really important to build a great relationship with founders as a director, and as an investor as well,” says Rick Baker, co-founder of Blackbird Ventures, a venture capital firm focussed on investing in the best global tech start-ups being formed in Australia. Prior to Blackbird, Rick ran MLC’s venture capital portfolio with investments of over half a billion dollars. Prior to MLC, Rick co-founded two successful software companies: IDC Global and Right Party Connect.

“We want to be a trusted mentor and advisor and the way we kind of measure that is we want to be the ones that are told the bad news first not just the good news,” he says.

Startups have very different governance needs compared to established businesses and can greatly impact a start-up’s success. Learn how to assess whether a start-up board is right or you or whether you’re right for a start-up at the Australian Governance Summit.

Rick will draw on his experiences at a startup investor director at the panel ‘Joining a start-up board? Understanding what your start-up needs’.