We recognise that your director career extends beyond any one course and we are dedicated to supporting and guiding you for the entirety of your learning pathway.

Our 2020-21 Professional Development Handbook is the perfect way to explore how our world-class courses, events, services, publications and tools can support you.

The handbook will help you identify a learning pathway that suits your current and future development needs, because even the most experienced directors never stop learning.

Your learning pathway

Short Course


Our ‘core’ offerings provide you with the critical elements of directorship. They are designed to deepen and extend your governance knowledge.



Our ‘individual’ offerings focus on the attributes that individuals bring to their role as a director. This encompasses the roles and responsibilities of directors and leadership capabilities.

Short Course


Our ‘board’ focused offerings cover the practices that individuals bring to their board. This includes the roles and responsibilities of boards, how boards operate and how boards perform.

Short Course


Our ‘organisational’ focused offerings cover the responsibilities of directors in relation to the performance of the organisation. The key focus in this section is on governance, risk, strategy, finance and management relations.

The Company Directors Corporate Governance Framework™

The Company Directors Corporate Governance Framework sums up the practices that comprise effective directorship and is critical to the development of all AICD products and solutions.

The Framework was developed with advice from leading Australian directors, and through a review of international governance and director guidelines and reports.

Click here to visit The Company Directors Corporate Governance Framework™ page.

Professional Development Matrix

The 2020-21 Professional Development Handbook contains a Professional Development Matrix to help you plan your learning pathway.

Using the matrix you will be able to quickly find professional development opportunities in areas of interest that match your knowledge levels and preferred learning format.

Director Self-assessment Tool

Designed to guide your professional development, the director Self-assessment Tool allows you to assess your current capabilities and skills.

The tool allows AICD members to identify ways to strengthen their current skill set and maintain currency in the ever-evolving governance environment.

Director Professional Development

Director Professional Development (DPD) recognises your commitment to maintaining currency and lifelong learning.

Its benefits flow beyond the individual director to enhanced board performance and improved leadership. Our members are required to undertake 60 units of DPD over a three-year rolling cycle as part of their membership.

DPD activity covers a wide range of learning, both formal, such as courses and programs, and informal, such as professional reading, briefings, and sharing director and governance expertise. Our 2020-21 Professional Development Handbook contains professional learning products and services that can help in your DPD, a number of which are free for members.

Learning formats that suit you

Face to face


A learning program led by an accredited facilitator with related director experience; peer experiences shared; comprehensive reference materials included.



Private delivery in your own boardroom of topics selected by you; led by accredited facilitators with relevant director expertise and tailored to your board and your business.



Self-paced electronic learning; access when and where it suits you.



30 to 90 minutes live online, led by an accredited facilitator with related director experience; notes included. All webinars are recorded, allowing access in your own time.



A collection of publications covering a range of topics and research to help you in your role as a director; often available in both hard and soft copy formats.

Tools & Resources

Tools and Resources

A selection of practical templates, checklists, Q&As and FAQs prepared by experienced directors and subject matter experts.



From a briefing to a conference, events provide information updates, stimulus for reflection on director and board practice, and networking opportunities with peers.



Course notes and supporting materials provided with some telephone or email support.