This practical webinar provides a solid guide to improving the output from your meetings – ranging from planning, to holding an effective meeting, and evaluating.

Whether you are starting from scratch or wanting to raise the bar on your meeting efficiencies, please join our two hosts who will discuss:

  • Setting the scene – what to do before the meeting
  • Preparing for the meeting itself – everything from the basics upwards 
  • At the meeting – managing the delivery to achieve outcomes for the organisation
  • After the meeting – translating decisions into actions and evaluating the meeting effectiveness

Designed for board meetings, but also applicable to committees and other meetings, this webinar will include links to templates and tools which you can put into practise right away.

If you want to further understand the chair’s role in meetings and/or you are dealing with difficult meetings, take a look at the ‘Spotlight on’ series -The Effective Chair’ and ‘Chairing Difficult Meetings’.