According to research, an inclusive leader makes sure everyone agrees they are being treated fairly and respectfully, are valued and feel a sense of belonging, and are psychologically safe to speak up. It takes energy and deliberate effort to create an inclusive culture. Leaders who consciously practise inclusive leadership and actively develop their capability will see the results in the superior performance of their diverse teams. This webinar will encourage you to assess your capabilities as an inclusive leader and provide a starting point for improving your performance, leading to a more robust, sustainable organisation.

Hosted by Juliet Bourke, Deloitte Human Capital Partner and diversity and inclusion expert and experienced board members Peter Warne, Macquarie Group and Catherine West, Nine Entertainment; this webinar explores the traits of inclusive leaders and will enable you to self-assess your capability.

They will cover:

  • Why inclusive leadership is so important for a diverse thinking ecosystem?
  • Six signature traits of an inclusive leader.
  • Insights from inclusive leaders.
  • Tips on how to develop your inclusive leadership capability.

For further information on this topic, Juliet has written Which Two Heads Are Better Than One? How diverse teams create breakthrough ideas and make smarter decisions, and she has also hosted the webinar Innovation and diversity - creating breakthrough ideas and smarter decisions.