Despite all the work that goes into a company’s risk framework, very few companies have a plan to respond to a financial crisis.

The good news is that often ideas and a pathway can come from within the company. The challenge for boards in a time of crisis is how they can harness these ideas to make a meaningful impact.

This webinar examines what turnaround is and isn’t and considers key concepts and a tactical framework to achieving a turnaround. It also explores safe harbour in practice.

We will cover:

  • Turnaround in the context of the company’s lifecycle
  • Early warnings signs and the nature of your crisis
  • The reality gap
  • A tactical framework for turnaround
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Safe harbour in the context of turnaround

By the end of the webinar you will have examined a tactical framework on how to build resilience and respond during times of corporate distress. Most importantly you will gain knowledge to be prepared and act before it’s too late, should your company be trending in this direction.