However, when conflict is disrespectful, unconstructive, blaming or contrary to the organisation’s values and culture, it is distracting and impacts how the board functions.

All directors have a role in setting board culture and the chair has a special role in guiding directors through difficult discussions and clashes of values and ethics.

In this webinar, your host Rose Bryant-Smith will apply her unique ethics and legal background, to delve into the complex, distracting and risky conduct issues that can arise in the boardroom. Using real and varying board examples she will cover:

  • The difference between constructive and unconstructive conflict and its impact on both board and organisational culture
  • How your own responses may influence or impact on group dynamics
  • The types of conflict that arise either between board members and/or between the board and the executive team
  • The role of the chair, and all directors, in maintaining standards of appropriate conduct
  • The potential challenges and opportunities you may face
  • How every board member can use their influence to nudge the board's own conduct and culture in a better direction

Join this webinar to gain insights to the skills you need to better engage with conflict—as a participant, ‘active bystander’ or chair—and improve the performance of your board. At the end of the webinar you will have greater confidence in handling conflict and the ability to apply new skills to enable your board to perform more effectively.