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Your Exposure to Workplace Litigations: The Fair Work Ombudsman on liability of directors

Better protect yourself and your organisation against workplace relations litigation by understanding director responsibilities.

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Thursday 27 April 2017
11:00am AEST (60 minutes)

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Directors’ Duties: Annual Financial Reporting Considerations for Directors

The end of the financial year brings with it significant responsibilities for directors, these include understanding the areas of focus by regulators and what questions you might receive from auditors.

Tuesday 2 May 2017
12.00pm AEST (90 minutes)

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Economic Budget update - Stephen Walters

What will the budget include this year and how will it impact the economy, different socio-economic groups, and different business sector risks?

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Thursday 11 May 2017
12:00 PM AEST (45 minutes)

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Navigating the NDIS - 7 steps to sustainability for not-for-profit providers

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is the largest, most significant, social reform since Medicare. This webinar covers the key strategic challenges facing non-profit leaders and outlines a pathway to long-term sustainability.

Monday 22 May 2017
2:00 AM AEDT (60 minutes)

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A Pathway to Organisational Indigenous Diversity: Understanding the benefits of Supply Nation

This webinar discusses the Commonwealth Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP), Supply Nation and the benefits of building indigenous diversity in to your organisational strategy and procurement policies.

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Tuesday 30 May 2017
12:00 PM AEST (60 minutes)

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Cyber Risk Governance

Governance of cyber risk is critical for modern business. It can be a complex issue and with data breach law coming into effect, getting it right is challenging.

Wednesday 14 June 2017
11:00 AM AEDT (60 minutes)

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The role of the not for profit director

This introductory session outlines the duties and responsibilities of directors with specific focus on the not-for-profit sector.

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Tuesday 20 June 2017
12:00 PM AEDT (60 minutes)

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Adaptive leadership for the NFP director in changing times

How can not-for-profit directors thrive in today's complex and rapidly changing environment? This webinar examines the challenges and opportunities directors are currently facing, ways of adapting, and emerging opportunities.

Tuesday 4 July 2017
2:30 PM AEDT (60 minutes)

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Directing strategy to achieve organisational purpose

All companies exist to achieve a purpose (sometimes called their mission) so directors must know how to set, monitor and change strategies to achieve their company's specific purpose, especially in times of unpredictable volatility.

Tuesday 25 July 2017
12:00 PM AEST (75 minutes)

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Cybersecurity and Director's Duties

The changing face of cybersecurity and its growing relationship to directors' regulatory and fiduciary duties.

Tuesday 22 August 2017
12:00 PM AEST (60 minutes)

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Customised courses for your board or organisation

Our In-House service can work with you to build tailored development
solutions that meet the unique needs of your board or organisation.

Webinars on Demand

Below is a list of our webinar recordings available to view at your own leisure.


Topics to improve your board and board committee performance.

The Role of the Board in Innovation

Innovation is perhaps one of the most talked about, yet least understood, organisational activities that come under board review. Join us in shattering some myths about the similarities and differences between innovation in the public and private sectors, important for directors who operate across both sectors.

Building your social media profile and online reputation

Social media completely surrounds us, in our business, in our careers and it’s changed the way we communicate. Learn how to get the most from digital communication, what technology to adopt, what to ignore, and how to effectively create a personal brand that suits you.

Evaluating Board Finances Series

It is essential every director has sufficient financial literacy to be able to understand and interpret the financial information presented to them. This series will use real company financials to analyse interpret and question information using easy tools and visual dashboards

Part 1 - Interpret, analyse and question financial statements

Part 2 - Financial Ratios and Dashboards – Key tools in assessing trends

The board's role in hiring and firing the CEO

Have you got the right processes in place to ensure you have an effective CEO / board relationship that will enhance the performance and culture of your organisation? This 90 minute webinar will cover the key stages and highlight some tips and issues that can arise.

An introductory guide to directors' legal duties - Navigating the regulatory landscape

Considering becoming a director in today's heavily regulated world? Join us for an introduction to directors duties and common pitfalls to avoid.

Board Committees Series

This webinar series will explore board committees in detail. Starting from the foundations of when and why to set up, to focusing on a few common committees, and lastly evaluating ways to achieve a high performing committee.

Innovation and diversity - creating breakthrough ideas and smarter decisions

To coincide with the launch of her book 'Which two heads are better than one?' We invite you to join Juliet Bourke as she discusses her research findings.

Techniques for chairing successful meetings

This webinar will focus specifically on the critical role of the chair during a board or committee meeting and the essential skills and processes required for a successful meeting.

Getting Started as a Director: Key considerations before accepting your first appointment

This session will give would be board members a checklist of what to have in place before considering a board position.

The role of the Not-for-Profit Director

This introductory session outlines the duties and responsibilities of directors with specific focus on the not-for-profit sector. 

Risk oversight for not-for-profits

Are you able to get “beyond the fog” and know that risk is being managed in your organisation?

Governance for directors of sports clubs and sporting bodies

Sporting bodies not only need to play by the rules, they need to be the models of effective governance. This webinar will assist you to navigate the unique governance challenges facing sports clubs and bodies.

Key skills a director should have in an age of innovation and transformation

Traditional governance practices aren’t enough when organisations, stakeholders and consumers are demanding more, and knowledge of new channels and platforms simply isn’t enough to secure an organisation’s longevity and reputation. Whether you are an active or aspiring director join us to learn the key skills and practices you can implement today to be a more attractive and effective director.

The cultural context of decision making for directors

How do cultural factors impact yours and others approach to decision making? Maximise your boards potential by understanding why and how different nationalities, cultures and experiences may impact board advice and decisions.

Strategy and Risk

Strategy and Risk

Gain a strategic edge through effective treatment of emerging risks such as cybersecurity, social media, privacy and disruption.

Data privacy: what you need to know about privacy preserving tools and sharing information

This webinar will provide an introduction to data privacy, risks and privacy-preserving tools. It will examine existing privacy technologies, their capabilities and limitations. Put simply: how to enable efficient and lawful data sharing and collaboration.

From outputs to outcomes: How not-for-profits can stand out from the crowd by measuring what matters

Not-for-profit organisations face increasing headwinds and are expected to prove their value to donors, funders, regulators and society. Learn how to measure and communicate what matters, and how this can improve the organisation's effectiveness, increase stakeholder engagement and support board decision-making.

Strategy for the Not-for-Profit Director

Not-for-Profit organisations face significant challenges in developing strategy. This webinar examines the board’s role and responsibilities in formulating and monitoring organisational and fundraising strategies specifically tailored for NFPs.

To whom are directors duties owed? The 21st Edition of Directors Duties and Responsibilities

Join Professor Robert Baxt AO to discuss the 21st Edition of Directors Duties and Responsibilities.

What is the relevance of the board in asset management?

Understand how a board's role in asset management governance can reduce risk and ensure strategic objectives can be achieved.

Information Technology

Information Technology

IT governance boardroom essentials, including how to prepare for disruption and social media strategy.

Digital Disruption Series

This series looks at how successful organisations have navigated their opportunities and part 2 focuses on the questions directors can pose to their own boards to on digital innovation and disruption, and the challenges in appreciating the ramifications of answers.

Successfully governing IT and cybersecurity

For directors with limited or no experience in areas of IT, this webinar will answer questions such as why a director needs to be interested in IT and cybersecurity and what are the particular legal responsibilities directors should understand.


Complimentary (for members)

Member only content including the Essential Director Update.

Directors’ Changing Responsibilities for Whistleblowing Procedures

Amidst a changing public policy landscape, it is critical that directors understand their responsibilities under the law and understand their role in establishing robust internal whistleblowing frameworks.

Essential Director Update

Your annual update which informs you on the ever-changing governance, regulatory and legislative environments that affect your director duties and responsibilities

Director Liability Update - New lessons for directors

Learn new lessons provided by the court. Recent Federal Court cases provide new insights into the nature and operation of directors’ duty of care, and serve as a timely reminder of directors’ “stepping stone” liability risk.

International Essential Director Update

Specifically for directors working across international borders, this webinar provides an update on today's ever-changing legal and regulatory environment, including legislative and regulatory changes that affect the international director.

A data-driven future: The opportunities and risks in data technology and cyber resilience

How can you manage the risks involved with innovative data technologies whilst becoming cyber resilient?

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Economic update series – Stephen Walters

Part 2 – 2017 the year ahead - what will impact your decisions as a director?