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Recorded Event: Transformation of Boards

President and Previous Chairman of NRMA, Kyle Loades FAICD and Chair of GWS Giants, Tony Shepherd AO MAICD, reveal from a chair's perspective what it takes to transform a board and organisation.

This is a recording of a previously-held event. Please let us know your thoughts on this new offering at awebinars@aicd.com.au

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Expires 28 June 2018 (50 minutes)

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Tone from the Top webinar series

Part 1 - The impact of positive conversation on director decision making

How do directors set the tone from the top? Every statement a director makes, both verbal and written, has an intent and an impact. Learn how to make that impact a positive one.

Part 2 - Using positive language to manage difficult conversations

Words have an impact on brain power and, in turn, on behaviour. This webinar will help you choose the right words and improve your ability to influence in difficult boardroom situations.

Part 1 - Thursday 22 March 2018
12:00 PM AEDT (60 minutes)

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Part 2 - Tuesday 10 April 2018
12:00 PM AEST (60 minutes)

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The Innovation Gap - What is stopping innovation from working in established organisations?

Innovation expert, Peter Bradd, will outline the most common reasons innovation stumbles inside established organisations and proven solutions recognised innovators have put into place to close the gap.

Wednesday 4 April 2018
12:00 PM AEST (60 minutes)

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School Board Governance Series

Designed specifically for school board directors and those who report to school boards.

Part 1 - The role of the school board director

Designed specifically for school board directors, and those who report to school boards, this session explores the duties and responsibilities of the school board director and the characteristics of an effective school board.

Part 2 - Strategy for school boards

Designed specifically for school board directors and those who report to school boards, this session explores the board's role in setting and monitoring school strategy and strategic decision making.

Part 3 - Risk oversight for school boards

Designed specifically for school board directors and those who report to school boards, this session explores the board's role in setting risk appetite, addressing strategic risk and overseeing a school's risk structure and framework.

Full series
15 February - 9 May

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Part 1 - Thursday 15 February 2018
4:00 PM AEDT (60 minutes)

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Part 2 - Wednesday 28 March 2018
4:00 PM AEDT (60 minutes)

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Part 3 - Wednesday 9 May 2018
4:00 PM AEDT (60 minutes)

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Developing Your Director Career Series

This series will help you 'get fit' for the task of finding board roles, through understanding the landscape, your boardroom value proposition and the questions to ask before joining a new board. Purchase the five part webinar series and receive a 20% discount.

Part 1 - The art and science of board recruitment

Demand for directors is growing. However tightening regulatory demands and community expectations mean it can take several years to snare the first board seat. This session will examine the drivers of board recruitment from the point of view of boards, and arm you with an practical action plan to champion the board recruitment process

Part 2 - Matching your value proposition to boards

An important mindset for approaching a boardroom career is understanding why a board might want you. Until you can articulate for yourself what you can add, no-one else will be able to understand it. This session will help give you the tools to translate your skills into a value proposition.

Part 3 - Crafting your board-ready brand

Developing a board-ready CV -like your 'elevator pitch' - is critical preparation for your director career. Your CV must answer the most crucial question that a board will ask, 'Why should we appoint you to our board?' This session will cover key elements of developing a good board-ready CV and getting noticed.

Part 4 - Boardroom opportunity quantitative due diligence

Should you undertake due diligence board enquiries before you are interviewed, or wait until you are offered a position? This session will discuss when to start your investigations, and what you should consider when doing so.

Part 5 - Boardroom opportunity and ongoing qualitative due diligence

Both before and after you join a board it is important to keep a close eye on your continuing 'fit' and appropriateness for the board. Understand what qualitative factors you should consider when assessing your decision to join a board and your ongoing fit in the business.

Full series
21 February - 20 June

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Part 1 - Wednesday 21 February 2018
1:00 PM AEDT(60 minutes)

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Part 2 - Wednesday 14 March 2018
1:00 PM AEDT(60 minutes)

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Part 3 - Wednesday 18 April 2018
1:00 PM AEST(60 minutes)

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Part 4 - Wednesday 23 May 2018
1:00 PM AEST(60 minutes)

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Part 5 - Wednesday 20 June 2018
1:00 PM AEST(60 minutes)

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Lessons Learned: Strategic responses to disruption

Learn from others on what key identifiers to look for, insight into addressing disruption and strategic responses that lead can to a positive outcome. The webinar will analyse a number of mainly Australian SMEs and how they dealt with this disruption.

Monday, 30 April 2018
2:00 PM AEST (60 minutes)

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Crisis Management Series

Part 1 - Preparing for a crisis

Any sudden event that threatens a company's financial performance, reputation or stakeholder relations has the potential to morph into a crisis. The difference between companies that recover from a crisis and those that don't is their readiness. This session will help you prevent and prepare for a crisis in your organisation.

Part 2 - Dealing with a crisis situation

Any sudden event that threatens a company's financial performance, reputation or stakeholder relations has the potential to morph into a crisis. This session will impart the tools, processes and capabilities to deal with a crisis.

Part 1 - Tuesday 1 May 2018
12:00 PM AEST (60 minutes)

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Part 2 - Tuesday 19 June 2018
12:00 PM AEST (60 minutes)

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Effective media engagement for directors

Like it or not, reputations can be made or destroyed in an instant when dealing with the media. This session aims to demystify the media and provide insight into how to effectively engage with the 'fourth estate'.

Monday 7 May 2018
2:00 PM AEDT (60 minutes)

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Budget Update 2018

What will the budget include this year and how will it impact the economy, different socio-economic groups, and different business sector risks?

Member complimentary

Thursday 10 May 2018
12:00 PM AEST (45 minutes)

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Getting the most out of your board evaluations

How and why should boards evaluate themselves? A step-by-step guide to board evaluation and the benefits that can be reaped through a well-focused performance review.

Hosted by James Beck, and Geoff Kiel who facilitate the course ‘the strategic board’. They have now co-authored the AICD book ‘reviewing your board’ Now available for purchase from the bookstore .

Thursday 17 May 2018
12:00 PM AEST (60 minutes)

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The Impact of Climate Change on Board Decisions on Risk and Strategy

Are you aware of your liability as a director in not addressing the foreseeable risks of climate change? Are your companies and organisations ahead of the game or lagging behind? This webinar will help you understand your liability and the board’s role in communicating to stakeholders.

Member complimentary

Tuesday 29 May 2018
12:00 PM AEST (60 minutes)

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Using data for insights, innovation and business optimisation

Data is too important to be left to the data department. Data and AI are now the new driver of enterprise valuations, risk mitigation and innovation. Understand how you can optimise your organisation through data analytics.

Thursday 7 June 2018
2:00 PM AEST (60 minutes)

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Why directors should be measuring and managing culture

Culture is the hidden force governing everything that happens in your organisation. You've either got it - or it's got you! Learn the importance of organisational culture, its role in delivering sustainable performance and the questions directors need to be asking to assess culture.

Tuesday 26 June 2018
12:00 PM AEST (60 minutes)

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Directors' Regulatory Update

Recent and upcoming changes including whistleblowing procedures, deferred prosecution agreements, new foreign bribery laws, and the BEAR will all have a material impact for Australian boards. Amidst this changing regulatory landscape, it is critical that directors understand their evolving responsibilities under the law.

Member complimentary

Wednesday 27 June 2018
12:00 PM AEST (60 minutes)

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Customised courses for your board or organisation

Our In-House service can work with you to build tailored development
solutions that meet the unique needs of your board or organisation.

Webinars on Demand

Below is a list of our webinar recordings available to view at your own leisure.


Topics to improve your board and board committee performance.

Turnaround Fundamentals: Preparing to be an effective director during the tough times

A board is only as effective as its ability to steer the ship through stormy conditions. Is your board equipped with the right knowledge and skills to keep the company afloat and allow it to prosper into the long term, in the event of financially challenging times?

Getting Started as a Director: Key considerations before accepting your first appointment

Demand for directors is growing. However tightening regulatory demands and community expectations mean it has never been more important to exercise caution when seeking and accepting a board position.This session will arm aspiring board members with the tools to build a practical action plan for building a board portfolio.

Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Control Framework for Directors

An overview of what directors need to be mindful of to mitigate fraud, bribery and corruption risks, and in turn avoid the sort of financial and/or reputation harm to your business which we see regularly in the media.

New Accounting Standards - Top questions directors need to ask now

Do you know what your director obligations are? Understand what impact the three significant upcoming changes to Australian financial reporting standards will have on your business and know what questions you should be asking now.

Staying Protected – Understanding your D&O insurance

The role of a director can be a rewarding one. What happens however when things go wrong? What do you need to know? Most importantly, will the D&O insurance be there for you when you need it most?

Gaining strategic advantage through ethical decision making

The session provides practical insights into the board’s role in corporate ethics and how boards may gain strategic advantage from ethical leadership by using the Ethical Kaleidoscope, a framework to support better ethical decision making in the boardroom.

Three techniques boards can use to prepare for the future

One of the key responsibilities of a board, in relation to corporate governance, is the process of setting, guiding and monitoring the organisation’s future direction. The principle seems simple but the process and decision-making technique may seem difficult to achieve.

Financial Essentials for Not-for-Profit Directors Series

The ability to effectively analyse financial statements is an essential requirement of all not-for-profit directors. However, it is an area where many directors feel the least comfortable. This webinar will focus on director essential knowledge and incorporating an Accounting Standard update.

Part 1 - Overview of ACNC requirements, financial statements and managing debtors

Part 2 - Key ratios in financial statement analysis and common red flags

Clinical Governance: Protecting your patients and your reputation

Care-based organisations rightly focus on their patients or clients, but are they ready to manage the reputational risks that affect not just the organisation but also us as directors?

Adaptive leadership for the NFP director in changing times

How can not-for-profit directors thrive in today's complex and rapidly changing environment? This webinar examines the challenges and opportunities directors are currently facing, ways of adapting, and emerging opportunities.

Informing the board - the power of effective board reports

What do board members look for in board papers? This webinar uncovers board and management reporting best practice such as a tips on effective board papers, and avoiding common mistakes.

Adding Value - The Role of the Audit Committee

The why, what and how of Audit Committees - a must for new or aspiring directors or a refresher for existing members.

Directors’ Duties: Annual Financial Reporting Considerations for Directors

The end of the financial year brings with it significant responsibilities for directors, these include understanding the areas of focus by regulators and what questions you might receive from auditors.

Evaluating Board Finances Series

It is essential every director has sufficient financial literacy to be able to understand and interpret the financial information presented to them. This series will use real company financials to analyse interpret and question information using easy tools and visual dashboards

Part 1 - Interpret, analyse and question financial statements

Part 2 - Financial Ratios and Dashboards – Key tools in assessing trends

Board Committees Series

This webinar series will explore board committees in detail. Starting from the foundations of when and why to set up, to focusing on a few common committees, and lastly evaluating ways to achieve a high performing committee.

Innovation and diversity - creating breakthrough ideas and smarter decisions

To coincide with the launch of her book 'Which two heads are better than one?' We invite you to join Juliet Bourke as she discusses her research findings.

Strategy and Risk

Strategy and Risk

Gain a strategic edge through effective treatment of emerging risks such as cybersecurity, social media, privacy and disruption.

Directing strategy to achieve organisational purpose

All companies exist to achieve a purpose (sometimes called their mission) so directors must know how to set, monitor and change strategies to achieve their company's specific purpose, especially in times of unpredictable volatility.

Three techniques boards can use to prepare for the future

Understand how the board can make the most of future opportunities and how to implement these strategies.

Strategy and Risk for SMEs Series

This is a two part webinar series which will look at strategy and risk through the eyes of a small to medium business director. We will examine the key challenges in developing and monitoring the implementation of strategy and risk management systems with constrained resources, as well as the common risks encountered in this sector and how to measure and monitor them.

Data privacy: what you need to know about privacy preserving tools and sharing information

This webinar will provide an introduction to data privacy, risks and privacy-preserving tools. It will examine existing privacy technologies, their capabilities and limitations. Put simply: how to enable efficient and lawful data sharing and collaboration.

To whom are directors duties owed? The 21st Edition of Directors Duties and Responsibilities

Join Professor Robert Baxt AO to discuss the 21st Edition of Directors Duties and Responsibilities.

Information Technology

Information Technology

IT governance boardroom essentials, including how to prepare for disruption and social media strategy.

Cybersecurity and Director's Duties

The changing face of cybersecurity and its growing relationship to directors' regulatory and fiduciary duties.

Cyber Risk Governance

Governance of cyber risk is critical for modern business. It can be a complex issue and with data breach law coming into effect, getting it right is challenging.


Complimentary (for members)

Member only content including the Essential Director Update.

2018 the year ahead - what will impact your decisions as a director?

How will the global economy evolve and impact your decisions? Register now for this complimentary webinar to save the date!

Successfully exiting your business - How a board can assist

Proper planning helps avoid many of the challenges associated with exit, succession or transfer of ownership. This webinar discusses clear pathways forward and successfully resolving them.

The Essential Director Update

The Essential Director Update is our largest exclusive event for members. It is your annual update which informs you on the ever-changing governance, regulatory and legislative environments that affect your director duties and responsibilities.

The International Essential Director Update

Specifically for directors working across international borders, this webinar provides an update on today’s ever-changing legal and regulatory environment, including legislative and regulatory changes that affect the directors working internationally.

The changing role of audit committees

Audit committees are expected to know all the most up-to-date information on regulation, risk, corporate governance, auditing practices and accounting standards. This session will bring you up-to-date with all the latest developments.

Effective Stakeholder Reporting: The demand, the benefits and the practice

Understand why more organisations are changing the information they are reporting to stakeholders — producing reports that integrate a company’s strategy, governance, risk and performance.

Parliament Passes Insolvency ‘Safe Harbour’ Reform

An essential update on the government’s insolvency safe harbour reforms, and explain how these important changes will work in practice.

Not-for-profit 2017 Governance Study Results Update

This webinar will examine critical issues facing Australia's not-for-profit (NFP) sector uncovered by this year's NFP survey.

The role of the not for profit director

This introductory session outlines the duties and responsibilities of directors with specific focus on the not-for-profit sector.

Directors’ Changing Responsibilities for Whistleblowing Procedures

Amidst a changing public policy landscape, it is critical that directors understand their responsibilities under the law and understand their role in establishing robust internal whistleblowing frameworks.

A data-driven future: The opportunities and risks in data technology and cyber resilience

How can you manage the risks involved with innovative data technologies whilst becoming cyber resilient?

Member complimentary