Upon successful completion of the two assessment tasks for Mastering the Boardroom you will receive a Mastering the Boardroom award, as well as 10 DPD units.

The assessment comprises of two tasks. The first is completed on the final day of the program and is a group assessment task. The second is completed as a post residential assignment and is an individual assessment task.

Successful completion is indicative of mastery level in good governance practices and associates you with an alumni of experienced directors who value ongoing director professional development.


Grades awarded are a Pass, or an Order of Merit. To achieve a Pass, you must achieve 65%+ in both assessment tasks. To achieve an Order of Merit you must achieve a Pass in the group task and a final mark of 80% + in the individual task.

To qualify for the Mastering the Boardroom award you must achieve at least a Pass grade.

You will be advised an individual final grade on completion of assessment of both tasks.

The assessment structure is:

Task: Group assessment task

Requirement: This component is to be completed as a board group.

On the final day of the program, your Mastering the Boardroom board (with your support) will deliver an ‘end of year’ presentation to a stakeholder audience. The presentation will be marked by a panel of assessors.

Task: Individual assessment task

Requirement: This component is to be completed individually.

You are required to prepare:

a) A report to be included in a board pack for the next board meeting. The report should be no more than six pages in length.

b) A personal reflection on your learnings arising from program participation. Maximum length, one page.

You have 6 weeks to submit this assessment task from the end of the program.

Access to completed assessment tasks

Assessment tasks will not be returned to participants. Feedback will be provided at the group assessment task by the assessment panel.

Time frame for completion

Individual assessment tasks are to be completed and submitted within 6 weeks of completion of each program.