Upon successful completion of the International Company Directors Course multiple choice quiz, examination and assignment you will receive the International Company Directors Course award, as well as 10 DPD units. 

Successful completion is indicative of your commitment to good governance practices and associates you with a community of informed directors who value ongoing director professional development. 

Notice for our AAICD Members

At the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), we recognise the value that comes from the ability to use the post nominals we issue to our members. We are currently looking at ways to improve how we acknowledge our members for their dedication and commitment to excellence in governance and continued professional development with us.

During this period of review, if you are a financial Affiliate Member (AAICD) who has successfully completed the Company Director Course assessment, you may be eligible to be upgraded to the Graduate Member grade and be issued with the GAICD post nominal. This upgrade may occur irrespective of whether you meet the career experience outlined in the Graduate Member By-Law criteria.

We encourage you to contact your local Member & Directors Executives if you have any further queries or concerns.

Please continue to check our website for updates regarding your membership and events in your state.

Assessment eligibility


Attend a minimum of 8 out of 10 modules.

Assessment components

Each assessment component must be completed as an individual exercise.

The assessment structure is:

  1. Multiple choice quiz 
    • Online 
    • Open book
    • 60 minute comprising 20 randomised multiple choice questions
    • Pass mark 65%
    • One resit allowed 
  2. Long Answer Examination
    • Online
    • Open book
    • 105 minutes comprising 4 questions of 300-400 word length (including reading and preparation time)
    • Pass mark 65%
    • One resit allowed (fee applies)
  3. Assignment
    • Case study based
    • 3000±10% word limit
    • Plagiarism checked upon submission
    • Pass mark 65%
    • One resit allowed (fee applies)


Grading for the Company Directors Course Award:


65% - 79% for each of the three components

Pass with Order of Merit

80% or over for each of the three components

Not Yet Complete (NYC)

Less than 65% for one or more of the three components


The assessment structure is

1.     Attendance
a. Attend a minimum of 8 out of 10 modules

2.     Long Answer Examination
a. Online
b. Open book
c. 105 minutes comprising 4 questions of 300-400 word length
d. Pass mark for is 65%
e. One resit allowed (fee applies)

2.     Multiple Choice Quiz
a. Online
b. Open book
c. 60 minute comprising 20 multiple choice questions
c. Pass mark is 65%
d. One resit allowed 

3.     Assignment 
a. Case study based
b. 3000±10% word limit
b. Plagiarism checked upon submission
c. Pass mark 65%
d. One resit allowed (fee applies)

All 3 assessment components, including any required resits are due within 3 months from the last day of the course attended.