International Company Directors Course

International Company Directors Course

Working across countries, cultures and regulatory frameworks is exhilarating but challenging. Now there is a program that can help you clarify and come to grips with issues that affect you in the global context.
Right course for you

Is this course right for you?

Directors, chairs, managing directors, senior managers and executives of organisations operating internationally or planning to do so.

The course caters to organisational leaders who are working across regulatory frameworks and/or looking to engage in business with an Australian organisation. Participants include directors, chairs, managing directors, senior managers and executives of international not-for-profits, government bodies and multinational companies.

If you're unsure whether you're ready for the International Company Directors Course, you may like to consider preparing by first attending the International Foundations of Directorship program.

Course learnings

What will you learn?

In a global market that is dynamic and fast moving, ignorance can be expensive. The course covers compliance, strategy, financial management, and oversight processes in an international context.

This program will:

  • Equip you with the knowledge you need to ensure you understand your role, and the compliance issues for your board, no matter where your operations.

  • Lead you beyond compliance to better understand the governance expectations and the ethical considerations for businesses that aim for international success.

  • Help you build a better board and improve and streamline board processes.

  • Focus your future strategic discussions and provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to monitor your organisation’s financial performance and risk management.

  • Broaden your view of directorship and provide direction to help you improve your personal performance and consequently the performance of your organisation.
Course expectations

What can you expect?

The five-day course is held in specially selected international locations, giving you the opportunity to escape from daily distractions and immerse yourself in a powerful learning environment.

The course is offered as a five-day residential program, with an option of sitting an exam. We also can run the course in-house for your organisation.

Ten modules are covered across the five days:

  1. The Role of the Board and the Practice of Directorship in the International Context
    Explains the role of the board and directorship in practice in an international context.

  2. The Cultural Environment
    Examines the influence of culture on the international board.

  3. The International Legal Environment
    Identifies and examine the board’s legal challenges in an international environment.

  4. Director's Duties and Responsibilities in an International Context
    Outlines and reviews directors’ duties and responsibilities in major international jurisdictions and practical applications.

  5. Risk: The Board's Role
    Examines the role of the board in setting risk culture in international contexts.

  6. Strategy: The Board's Role
    Examines the role of the board in developing and executing strategy in an international context.

  7. Financial Literacy for Directors
    Examines the key financial statements used to evaluate organisational health and identify financial drivers.

  8. Driving Financial Performance
    Identifies how the health of the organisation can be evaluated and establish the link between financial assessment and strategy.

  9. The Effective International Board
    Examines good practices to increase the effectiveness of international boards.

  10. "The Board Meeting"
    Consolidates and puts into practice the material covered in the course through participating in a simulated board meeting.

Assessment award

Assessment and recognition

On graduation you will to receive the International Company Directors Course award.

Upon successful completion of the International Company Directors Course examination, multiple choice quiz and assignment you will receive the International Company Directors Course Award.

You will accrue 50 DPD units for completing the course, and an additional 10 DPD units for successfully completing the assessment.

Find out more about how you will be assessed.

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