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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most prominent international business hubs, attracting business from across the globe. It is a global financial and business centre that is home to some of the largest investors in the Australian economy.

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Singapore on Globe

Singapore houses a large Australian expat community and is known as an attractive location for multinational corporations to establish their regional headquarters. Singapore has a strategic Asia Pacific location, access to skilled talent and a stable economic system.

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Dubai is a rapidly evolving market, making it an attractive destination for international business. The emirate prides itself on being a city of the future, with extensive developments in the artificial intelligence and technology spaces.

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Located at the crossroads of the Pacific, Fiji is the major business hub in the region. The country offers a dynamic and vibrant business environment with an efficient regulatory environment and a culture of innovation.

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Sydney is the leading financial centre in the Asia-Pacific region and home to more than 600 multinational companies. With a population of 5.1 million, the city is a bustling metropolis and the most popular Australian destination for business travelers.

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International Company Directors Course

Working across countries, cultures and regulatory frameworks is exhilarating but challenging. Now there is a program that can help you clarify and come to grips with issues that affect you in the global context.
Right course for you

Is this course right for you?

The course is tailored to experienced directors wishing to take their performance to the next level, as well as executives and managers who need to understand international governance issues in depth

The course caters to leaders who are working across regulatory frameworks and/or looking to engage in business with an Australian organisation. Participants include directors, CEOs and executives of international, public, private, not-for-profit and government organisations.

Course learnings

What will you learn?

The five day International Company Directors Course is based on global governance principles. It covers directors’ duties, the international legal environment, risk and strategy, financial literacy and board effectiveness.

Through this course, you will:

  • Examine the duties and responsibilities of directors across major international regulatory frameworks.

  • Learn how to apply tools to increase your organisation’s effectiveness across borders.

  • Gain insight into legal and risk issues for directors who work in a global context.

  • Understand the board’s contribution to strategic planning in a global context.

  • Explore international case studies which illustrate the differences in responsibilities of a global director.
Course expectations

What can you expect?

The course is held in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Fiji and Dubai. The intensive sessions are run by facilitators who have extensive international director experience, providing an interactive learning environment.

The Company Directors Course comprises specific topics, chosen to enhance your learning. You will explore the role of the board and the practice of directorship in the international context, as well as the influence of culture on the international board. You will have the opportunity to understand the duties and responsibilities of international directors and upskill your financial literacy. You will dedicate time to studying how the board examines risk, executes strategy and learn the legal challenges boards face in the international environment. Upon completion, you will understand how to increase the effectiveness of an international board and how to evaluate its financial health. You will also be able to practice the material covered in the course through a simulated board meeting.

There is approximately 60-80 hours of pre-reading required before the course takes place. It is strongly recommend that you complete the two complimentary e-learning courses (Interpreting Financial Statements and The Director Mindset) before the course takes place.

Assessment award

Assessment and recognition

Graduates may attain the International Company Directors Course award.

Upon successful completion of the International Company Directors Course examination, multiple choice quiz and assignment you will receive the International Company Directors Course Award.

You will accrue 50 DPD units for completing the course, and an additional 10 DPD units for successfully completing the assessment.

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The Company Director Course award is recognised for advanced standing by 18 universities and institutions.

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