The following information is applicable to participants in the International Foundations of Directorship, Fiji Directors Course and Papua New Guinea Directors Course.

Upon successful completion of the 3 multiple choice quizzes, you will receive a Certificate, as well as 5 DPD units.

Successful completion is indicative of your commitment to good governance practices and associates you with a community of informed directors who value ongoing director professional development.


Assessment outcomes fall into two categories.

1. International Foundations of Directorship Certificate;
or Fiji Directors Course Certificate;
or Papua New Guinea Directors Course Certificate

              65% and above for the all of the three quizzes 
2. International Foundations of Directorship - Statement of Attendance;
or Fiji Directors Course - Statement of Attendance;
or Papua New Guinea Directors Course - Statement of Attendance;
        No attempt at any of the three quizzes, or less than 65% in any or all of the three quizzes.

The assessment structure is:

Task       Requirements
Multiple choice quizzes*

A separate quiz for each course: Governance for Directors; Finance for Directors; and Strategy and Risk for Directors. Each quiz consists of 9 questions.

All questions to be completed within 40 minutes.

*These multiple choice quizzes are to be completed online and are subject to time limits.
These multiple choice quizzes are open book. 

Time frame for completion

We strongly advise that the assessment tasks are completed and submitted within 4 weeks of completion of each course. Past results indicate that success rates improve with proximity to course attendance.

Course       Completion of assessment tasks (including any resits)
International Foundations of Directorship Program,
Fiji Directors Course and
Papua New Guinea Directors Course

  3 months from attendance at each course.  All quizzes must be completed within 12 months from attending the first module