Company Directors Course: Preparing for Assessment

Prepare for success in the Company Directors Course™ assessment and give yourself the best chance of attaining your GAICD post-nominals.

Right course for you


As competition for highly coveted board positions intensifies, standing out from the crowd has never been more important. Completing the Company Directors Course assessment and attempting to attain your GAICD post-nominals is one way to differentiate yourself and boost your director CV.

Brushing up your knowledge and skills and graduating from the course can help you secure directorships, or help you work more effectively on boards you are already on.

Company Directors Course: Preparing for Assessment is a series of workshops (11 hours total) developed to support those who have attended the Company Directors Course but have not attempted or successfully completed the assessment.

The course is highly practical and targeted, guiding you step-by-step through what you need to do to complete the assessment. The workshops focus on providing an optimum learning environment through the experience of an in-depth assessment breakdown.

Please note this workshop is not a replacement for the CDC or CDC Update.

Right course for you

Is this course right for you?

Participants must have completed the Company Directors Course, the International Company Directors Course or the Company Directors Course Update within the last two years before attending this workshop. For those participants who have not yet attempted the Company Directors Course Assessment, you can only undertake this course after three months of completing your Company Directors Course.

Suitable for:

  • Those who have completed the Company Directors Course, the International Company Directors Course or the Company Directors Course Update within the last two years
  • Those who have not attempted the Company Directors Course assessment
  • Those who have not successfully completed the Company Directors Course assessment
  • For participants who completed the Company Directors Course, the International Company Directors Course or the Company Directors Course Update more than two years ago, your option for resubmission will be to complete the Company Directors Course Update.
Course learnings

What will you learn?

After completing 11 hours of highly focused and practical workshops, you will have the confidence and appropriate tools to undertake the Company Directors Course assessment.

The program is run as a series of brief, succinct and interactive workshops which will allow effective learning and revision.

There are four two-hour workshops covering the four key topic areas of the Company Directors Course, as well a three-hour Company Directors Course assessment module:

  • Governance (2 hours)
  • Director Duties (2 hours)
  • Strategy & Risk (2 hours)
  • Finance (2 hours)
  • CDC Assessment Module (3 hours)

Each two-hour workshop consists of:

  • A high level overview of the key messages from relevant modules
  • Facilitated practice questions
  • Question time and tips and techniques for revision

The assessment module covers:

  • Explanation of the elements of the Company Directors Course assessment;
  • Techniques and tips on responding to the quiz, including facilitated practice questions;
  • Techniques and tips on responding to the exam, including facilitated run-throughs of practice questions;
  • How to set out, format and submit the assignment, including a facilitated run-through of a practice question; and
  • Question time and tips and techniques for revision
Course expectations

What can you expect?

The course is face-to-face only.

The course includes:

  • Company Directors Course notes;
  • An assessment attempt and resit opportunity (fees apply for resits);
  • Comprehensive practice questions and case study materials;
  • Facilitated learning sessions

It will be assumed that you will have reviewed your course notes from the Company Directors Course, and your additional Preparing for AssessmentHandbook, prior to your attendance.

As a participant you will go through the normal Company Directors Course assessment process after completing the Preparing for Assessment workshop. The three-month attempt period still applies after the Preparing for Assessment workshop.

*Please note, completing the Preparing for Assessment series of workshops will NOT contribute to your DPD units. However, participants who successfully complete their Company Directors Course assessment will receive 10 DPD units.

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