Governing to Protect Vulnerable People

Fri 1 Apr 2022
9.00am to 4.30pm

(Arrival time: 8.45am)
10 This event will earn you 10 DPD units


Australian Institute of Company Directors
Level 23 Westpac House
91 King William Street
Adelaide SA


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Many institutions have a duty of care to some of the most vulnerable groups in society.

This means providing safety, support or simply a stable environment to access services that are vital to children, the aged, the disabled, the homeless, the mentally unwell and many more.

In many recent cases, governance failures have frequently undermined the mission and purpose for which institutions exist by allowing exploitation to occur under their watch. Too often, leaders ignored direct requests for help or evidence that abuse was occurring, in favour of prioritizing the protection of the organisation above the needs of the people it exists to serve.

As directors and stewards of the organisations we serve, we have a responsibility to speak up and to shine a light on complex and opaque governance structures that allow for wrongdoing to go unnoticed or wilfully ignored. We must adopt an enquiring mind in the pursuit of important missions and in undertaking the work required to reform broken systems.

This course will provide tools for you to:

  • Apply the key governance lessons from recent institutional failures and how to identify if your organisation is at risk of failure to protect vulnerable people;
  • Facilitate a culture of accountability and disclosure at your organisation;
  • Understand what is required to develop holistic and inclusive complaints handling systems;
  • Equip your stakeholders with the assurance that their concerns will be listened to, taken seriously and acted upon;
  • Implement transparent frameworks for responsibility sharing and avoiding concentration of influence amongst a select few; and
  • Deliver on your social mission.

Who should attend this course?

  • New and existing directors seeking a greater understanding of the governance requirements when working with vulnerable people.
  • Directors seeking to establish or improve the safety culture within their organisations.
  • Chief Executive Officers/ Managing Directors of organisations that work with vulnerable people.

Organisations concerned with the following areas are likely to work with vulnerable people:

  • Aged care services
  • Health services
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Sporting clubs and services
  • Foster care and adoption services
  • Indigenous services
  • Disability services
  • Religious organisations
  • Government services

What prior knowledge is required?

Prior governance knowledge is essential and mandatory. This course is based on participants having a sound knowledge of general director duties and responsibilities, the board’s role in strategy and the board’s role in risk oversight.

Ideally, you should have completed Foundations of Directorship, Company Directors Course, or have at least five years’ extensive director experience.

If you do not have the requisite prior knowledge, and are a director of an organisation that works with vulnerable people, please contact us to discuss alternative pathways 1300 739 119.

How is the course delivered?

Governing to Protect Vulnerable People comprises a one day course, with two weeks pre-reading plus diagnostic and take-away tools. The course is delivered by an experienced facilitator, with short activities and case studies included to guide discussion. The number of course participants is limited to enable small group work and table discussion.

Our facilitators are experienced company directors. They are selected based on their knowledge of the board environment, their subject matter expertise on the topics addressed as well as their ability to engage and connect with participants.

If you have a disability or other learning or accessibility needs, we invite you to contact us on 1300 739 119 to discuss how we can best support you during this course.