Cyber for Directors

Thu 6 Feb 2020
9.00am to 4.30pm

(Arrival time: 8.45am)
10 This event will earn you 10 DPD units


AICD SA Training Room
Level 23 Westpac House
91 King William Street
Adelaide SA


Single Members: A$912.00 Non-members: A$1,282.00
The Cyber for Directors course enables participants to effectively and actively engage as a board in the process of identifying the evolving threats and risks to their organisation as well as maximise the opportunities to innovate and grow using the life blood of the organisation: information.

The Cyber for Directors course is a one-day session covering:

  • Cyber Governance for Directors
  • Cyber Risk for Directors
  • Cyber Strategy and Innovation for Directors

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for:

  • New and existing directors seeking a greater understanding of cyber.
  • Directors planning to protect and strategically use their company data and information.
  • Chief Executive Officers/ Managing Directors reporting to their board on cyber.
  • Chief Information Officers/ IT Managers/ Chief Information Security Officers reporting to their board on cyber.

Please note that prior governance knowledge is essential. This course builds on this knowledge and deep dives into the board’s role in the cyber space.

Therefore any of the following courses must be attended prior to attending the Cyber for Directors course.

  • Governance Foundations for Not-for-Profit Directors.
  • Foundations of Directorship or International Foundations of Directorship.
  • Company Directors Course, Company Directors Course Update or International Company Directors Course.

Alternatively, you must be an FAICD or have at least five years director experience across multiple sectors.

How will I benefit?

Upon completion of the Cyber for Directors course, you will be able to:

  • understand key terms and concepts of the cyber landscape;
  • outline the roles and responsibilities of the board in cyber governance, enabling you to discharge your duties through effective governance methods;
  • identify cyber risks, threats and opportunities ensuring the organisation is prepared; and
  • direct your organisation's cyber strategy, balancing cyber threats with innovation.

Mode of study

Interactive facilitated session


One full day.

For more information, please contact your State Office.

Please ensure you have read and understood the Terms & Conditions.