Foundations of Directorship

Learn the essential skills that directors need in this comprehensive introduction to governance, finance, strategy and risk.

The program is tailored to new and aspiring directors, senior executives and managers.

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International Foundations of Directorship

Our international foundations program provides an introduction to governance issues in an international context. 

The program is designed especially for executives and directors working across cultural, regulatory and international borders.

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Company Directors Course

The gold standard in director training, our flagship course will immediately elevate your performance and decision-making as a director.

For directors and senior executives who need a thorough understanding of compliance, risk, strategy, finance and the role of the board.

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International Company Directors Course

The only program of its kind, the International Company Directors Course helps you to perform at the highest level as a director across borders. Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges, issues and opportunities that you will encounter in your global director career.

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Company Directors Course Update

This course will ensure that your director knowledge is up to date and relevant to the rapidly changing world that boards must navigate.

Designed for Company Directors Course graduates who need to keep their performance at the cutting edge.

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CDC Specialisation
Company Directors Course Specialisations

Our specialisation courses supplement the core knowledge of the Company Directors Course with specific situational training. 

The courses are designed to give directors and businesses owners the tools to take their organisations through major changes.

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Mastering the Boardroom

A unique four-day residential course that will transform your leadership abilities. Learn how to handle effectively the wide range of challenges that being a director can throw at you.

The course offers advanced skills for experienced directors.

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Short Courses

Short courses

Short, sharp and to the point. Go deeper on the specific issues that matter most to you and your board.

Whatever the next step in your professional development as a director, we have a course to help you. 

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Short Courses
International short courses

Our international short courses range from a half-day to two-days and explore different facets of being a board director across borders.

For directors, managers and executives looking for specific training in aspects of international governance.

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Access expert knowledge on specific topics with our hour-long live web presentations. Our webinars are interactive and are facilitated by practicing directors with strong expertise in the topic.

For directors looking to dive deeper into a subject area, our webinars are a convenient and efficient way to keep up to date.

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Offering convenience and flexibility, our self-paced eLearning courses involve approximately one to two hours of focused online learning.

Our eLearning units allow anyone to refresh and further their knowledge of key directorship issues at a time and pace that suits them.

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Customised courses for your board or organisation

Our In-House service can work with you to build tailored development
solutions that meet the unique needs of your board or organisation.

Why learn with us?


The content

Our programs and courses are designed by expert educators with the input of experienced directors and subject matter experts. The contemporary content is updated annually and includes case studies and real-life examples to ensure relevancy for today's and tomorrow's directors.

The facilitators

With our rigorous selection criteria, we recruit facilitators boasting extensive real-world director experience and the ability to create an interactive and unique learning environment.

The participants

You'll spend time connecting with, learning from, and sharing experiences with, a broad range of high-calibre senior executives and directors who are passionate about improving performance.

The recognition

We offer highly-regarded and established governance and directorship programs. By participating, you are demonstrating your commitment to good governance practice, and have the opportunity to earn post nominals that associate you with Australia's leading organisation for directors and are recognised by the wider director community.