Sustainable development goals

Since commencing our international operations over a decade ago, we have provided more than 100 courses to over 2,000 directors and senior executives from around the world, including Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Solomon Islands, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

Our vision is to strengthen society through world class governance and for many years, we have been working with partners to strengthen governance in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our contribution to Goal 16 is particularly seen through the development and delivery of our education programs with some of our nearest neighbours.

We have delivered bespoke training in Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, including boardroom effectiveness programs for women and directors’ briefings on bribery, corruption, fraud and whistleblowing.

Our programs help promote the rule of law (Goal 16.3) by determining the essential elements of the international legal environment and examining compliance issues for boards and directors. Our programs also focus on corruption and bribery (Goal 16.5) through our risk module, that examines the role of the board in setting risk culture in international contexts.

Our programs aim to help develop transparent institutions (Goal 16.6) through clarifying director’s roles, functions and responsibilities. The AICD International team also works closely with the public service in the Asia Pacific region, aiming to strengthen the institutions of governance in developing countries (Goal 16.8).

In 2018, we launched the International Scholarships Program to make governance training more available for organisations facing financial constraint. Recent recipients come from a variety of backgrounds including disaster relief and emergency services in Fiji; and business registration reform supporting local investment into Kiribati. Our work also contributes to Australia’s foreign policy objectives to promote good governance, strengthen democratic institutions and civil society, and contribute to regional peace and prosperity.