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Australian Capital Territory Division Council Election 2017

The ACT Division Council Election has now closed.

The voting period for the ACT Division Council Election closed on 26 September 2017 at 5.00pm AEST. The Election was held on 27 September 2017.

The successful candidate is as follows:

  • Belinda Robinson FAICD

With effect from 1 October 2017, your ACT Division Councillors are:

  • ilea Buffier GAICD
  • David Carr GAICD
  • Anne-Marie Perret GAICD
  • Nigel Phair GAICD
  • Belinda Robinson FAICD
  • Michael Schaper FAICD
  • Vivienne Thom FAICD
  • Liesel Wett FAICD
  • Christine Williams FAICD

The AICD wishes to thank all those members who nominated, were nominated and participated in the voting.

Meet the ACT Council

The Council assists in providing guidance and strategic input into the direction of the Division.

The ACT Division of the Australian Institute of Company Directors has its own Council to assist in guidance and strategic input into the direction of the Division. The Council also approves all membership applications and subsequent upgrades of membership.

The Role of the Council

The role of the Council is defined in Article 9.3 of our Constitution. To give effect to that role, the objectives of the Councils are:

A. To provide advice to the Australian Institute of Company Directors Board and CEO on:
i) Policy matters affecting the role of directors
ii) Australian Institute of Company Directors membership matters
iii) The strategy and policies of the Australian Institute of Company Directors itself and management issues that may arise from time to time.

B. To administer the membership of the Division, approving new members and upgrades.

C. To represent the views and aspirations of the Australian Institute of Company Directors in the Division’s territory and to develop relationships with leaders in directorship, regulation and politics who reside or are active in the territory.

D. To support the Division Manager with regard to:
i) Events
ii) Member service, member recruitment and retention and member grade matters
iii) The general conduct of the Division, including Director and Board Development programs

Council Members

Current members of the ACT Council are:

  • Ilea Buffier GAICD
  • David Carr GAICD
  • Anne-Marie Perret GAICD (ACT Division Council President)
  • Nigel Phair GAICD
  • Belinda Robinson FAICD
  • Michael Schaper FAICD
  • Vivienne Thom FAICD
  • Liesel Wett FAICD (AICD Board member)
  • Christine Williams FAICD

Council Procedures

The ACT Council consists of ten members elected by the members of the Division. Each Council elects a President who serves for a period of up to three years at the discretion of the Council. Each Council also appoints one of its members to the Australian Institute of Company Directors board for a period of up to three years. One third of Council members retire each year, although a retiring member may be eligible for re-election. The maximum time a Council member may serve is nine years, or three terms if less.

For more information on the role of the Council and it’s directive please view the Australian Institute of Company Directors by-laws

Meet the ACT team

We have a dedicated team of staff to assist with any member queries and requests for information.

State Manager

  • Lynette Pinder GAICD - State Manager, ACT

The ACT Division of the Australian Institute of Company Directors has a dedicated team of staff to assist with any queries and requests for information. Please find our staff members and contact details below:

  • Lisa Jones AAICD - Office Services Coordinator
  • Sigi Catanzariti - BCML Coordinator
  • Tim Dalton – Members and Directors Executive (Education)
  • Kylie Ingram AAICD - Members and Directors Executive (Engagement) (Parental Leave)
  • Dorji Tshering – Members and Directors Executive (Engagement)
  • Ana Tomaz GAICD - Members and Directors Executive (Events)
  • Kate McManus - Members and Directors Executive (Sales)

National Partnerships

  • Jonathan Cale GAICD - Client Relationship Executive

National Advocacy

  • Phil Butler GAICD - Sector Leader NFP

Contact Details

Ground Floor, 15 National Circuit
Barton, Canberra ACT 2600

Click here to view office location.

Phone: (02) 6132 3200
Fax: (02) 6132 3222

Latest news from the ACT

Find out what the ACT Division has been up to.

Mastering the Boardroom award

In August, ACT Division Council member Ilea Buffier GAICD, received her Mastering the Boardroom award. Congratulations Ilea, it is a great achievement.

Ileas Buffer 

Helen Hooper and Liesel Wett 

Congratulations to Helen Hopper GAICD from Australian Association of Social Workers, who received her award for successfully completing the Mastering the Boardroom. Fantastic achievement!

MTB Graduates

Congratulations to all our course graduates!

Twilight Networking Event

On Wednesday 15 March the ACT Division hosted the first Twilight Networking Event for 2017. The event was kindly sponsored by PricewaterhouseCoopers Canberra – with the emphasis solely on networking and engaging with peers ensured a fantastic night was had by our guests. We look forward to announcing the date for our end of the year Twilight Networking Event.

Twilight Networking event ACT

Twilight Networking event ACT

Twilight Networking event ACT

Twilight Networking event ACT

2017 ACT Women’s Awards

AICD was an official sponsor of the 2017 ACT Women’s Awards, held on the eve of International Women’s Day.

Award Winners of ACT Senior (Andrea Hotchkiss), Young (Francesca MacLean) and Woman of the Year ( Marie-Louise Corkhill) received gift certificates to attend an AICD short course in the ACT.

AICD has a proud record of delivering in-house Governance courses to ACT Women through the Office for Women’s Audrey Fagan Leadership program. We look forward continuing this support in 2017.

ACT Womens Award

ACT Annual Dinner: 16

The ACT Division was proud to host their 3rd ACT Annual Dinner in November. We were joined by speaker Roger Corbett AO FAICD, AICD Chairman Elizabeth Proust AO FAICD, Division Councilors, AICD members and their guests. Roger shared his insights on what makes an effective board and his journey to becoming an eminent director in Australia.

ACT event

Pictured (L-R): Cherelle Murphy GAICD, Bronwyn Weir GAICD, Simonetta Astolfi MAICD, Laurann Yen MAICD, Clive Jones, Rikki Anderson MAICD

Directors’ Briefing – Insights from the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

In September we had the opportunity to hear from Gary Flowers, Chairman of NSWIS, share his experience of the games and how we could apply the insights from our Olympic results to how we approach governance in our own organisations. We were joined by James Ceely, Director of Governance and Strategy at the Australian Sports Commission and special guest, Australian swimmer and Olympic medallist, Matthew Abood

ACT event

Pictured (L-R): Michael Schaper MAICD, Matthew Abood, James Ceely GAICD, Jason Duarte MAICD, Gary Flowers FAICD

ACT Division at the 2016 Bega Valley Economic Summit

The ACT team travelled to Bega to attend the Bega Valley Economic Summit and had the pleasure of hosting the pre-dinner drinks. It was a great opportunity to meet our members in the local area, make new contacts and to hear about initiatives taking place that will contribute to the region's economic growth.

ACT event

Pictured (L-R): Kylie Ingram, Leigh-Anne Palmer GAICD, Lynette Pinder GAICD

Finding Board Positions Workshop

On July 7, the ACT held the Finding Board Positions Workshop which was delivered by Kerryn Newton FAICD, Managing Director of Directors Australia. This workshop offered participants guidance and practical tools on how to get their foot through the door for their first or subsequent board positions.

Finding Board Positions Workshop

Pictured (L-R): Greg Fraser, Kerryn Newton FAICD, Lynette Pinder GAICD

ACT Budget Breakfast 2016

In June the AICD attended the ACT Budget Breakfast 2016 at the National Press Club in Canberra. They heard from Chief Minister Andrew Barr, MLA about how the 2016 ACT Budget would shape the territory and impact businesses and the community for the coming year.

ACT Budget Breakfast 2016

Pictured (L-R): Liesel Wett FAICD, Ilea Buffier GAICD, Amber O’Connell, David Marshall AM FAICD, Jane Roderick, Jonathan Cale GAICD, David Trebeck FAICD, Lynette Pinder GAICD, Nigel Phair GAICD

ACT Graduation Evening 2016

In June the ACT held a cocktail graduation evening to celebrate the outstanding achievements of their newest graduates. 

Pictured: ACT AICD Graduates

Hot Topics in Governance – New Members Evening 2016

The ACT office had the chance to welcome their new members to the Canberra office in May. Everyone had an opportunity to make new connections and to hear guest speaker Geoff Carter MAICD discuss the key governance issues for the year ahead.

Hot Topics in Governance

Pictured (L-R): Lynette Pinder GAICD, Ernie Walsh MAICD, Sally Vardy MAICD, Geoff Carter MAICD