John Brogden, Managing Director & CEO


Populism Trumping Policy

Populism is on the march around the world. Populist movements have swept the UK, US, Europe and the Philippines. But Australian policymakers must resist the tide and implement desperately needed refor...

Lifting public policy tone a job for all

As our new Parliament takes its place in the nation’s capital, Australia’s business leaders must take their place leading the campaign for long-term policy to drive the nation’s growth.

When heartfelt oratory gave us a political vision to believe in

After a lengthy campaign unblemished by inspiring oratory, Australia’s best unknown political speech cries out for attention and reflection.

This election signals the need for fixed four-year terms

John Brogden, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Australian Institute of Company Directors appeared on Sky News on May 10, 2016 where he discussed the impact fixed four-year terms would ha...

Give COAG power to set a reform agenda

In the early 1990’s the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) was established to replace the Premier’s Conference and expand the state/commonwealth engagement beyond fights over money to a detailed...

Prosperity for the long term

Excessive "short-termism" is the scourge of the modern boardroom. It pervades decision-making and inhibits the positive outcomes of board deliberations.

Safe harbour law embraces risk of failure

Innovation means taking risks, and the proposed laws makes it easier for companies to take them, writes John Brogden.

Firms serious on gender diversity, but there’s more to be done

According to our statistics, at September 30 women accounted for 31 per cent of S&P/ASX 200 board appointments in 2015 compared with 30 per cent in calendar 2014 and 22 per cent in 2013. The nine ...

New superannuation governance laws needed to protect investors

The Government’s proposed laws to boost independence on the boards of superannuation funds will help protect the interests of Australians who have $2 trillion invested in retirement funds.

A 21st century cabinet needs a 21st century system of government

From our unique position as the peak voice in governance, the Australian Institute of Company Directors can say that no competent director – public, private or not-for-profit – would be expected to go...
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