Practice of governance


Updating governance for changing times

A recent study published in the Harvard Business Review argues that a broader, longer view is needed, that thinks beyond the short-term needs of shareholders.

Future of the AGM – Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater

Shareholders, investors, companies, directors and commentators have flagged a decline in the importance and role of the AGM. Steven Cole FAICD presents the case for improving and modernising this crit...

New study questions enforcement of directors’ duties in Australia

Important new Melbourne Law School study sheds light on the application of penalties for company directors

New reforms for director liability proposed by academics

Deakin University researchers have put forward new ideas for reforming director liability in Australia. The GLC’s Tony Featherstone speaks to the authors.

A fresh pair of eyes

The AICD’s Amber O’Connell asks whether lengthy board tenure is a barrier to innovation.

A framework for boards to safeguard against shareholder activism

13 steps for directors to consider, as investor relations role grows.

How boards are turning activists into allies

The Governance Leadership Centre speaks with leading governance researcher David Beatty on how shareholder activism is transforming traditional governance models.

Scourge or market mechanism? Short selling implications for boards

Australian boards are preparing for more aggressive short-selling campaigns as international hedge funds flex their muscles.

Blackrock lists human capital management as 2017/18 priority

Blackrock has released its engagement priorities for 2017/18, highlighting firm approaches to technology changes in the workforce as a key engagement issue.

Dual Listings Create Opportunities for Directors

More New Zealand companies are expected to dual list on the Australian Securities Exchange in the next few years, creating opportunities for Australian directors to govern Trans-Tasman companies.
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