Practice of governance


New study questions enforcement of directors’ duties in Australia

Important new Melbourne Law School study sheds light on the application of penalties for company directors

New reforms for director liability proposed by academics

Deakin University researchers have put forward new ideas for reforming director liability in Australia. The GLC’s Tony Featherstone speaks to the authors.

Updating governance for changing times

A recent study published in the Harvard Business Review argues that a broader, longer view is needed, that thinks beyond the short-term needs of shareholders.

Future of the AGM – Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater

Shareholders, investors, companies, directors and commentators have flagged a decline in the importance and role of the AGM. Steven Cole FAICD presents the case for improving and modernising this crit...

Climate Change and Good Corporate Governance – new report

The Governance Leadership Centre is pleased to release a new report on climate change risks and governance.

The role of boards of the acquiring company in M&A

Over the past few months, the Governance Leadership Centre has examined the role of boards in M&A across different stages of a transaction. The series addresses key questions that boards need to ask a...

The future of M&A and what it means for boards

The Governance Leadership Centre asked David Harding, an advisory partner in Bain & Company’s Boston office and a former leader of Bain’s global M&A practice, about the outlook for M&A and how boards ...

Governance disclosures provide insights into board performance

Governance reporting is often seen as mostly about conformance. But high-quality disclosures provide insights into how boards are structuring themselves to govern for performance and meet the challeng...

Should skill matrices include boardroom behaviour?

The publication of board skill matrices from most ASX 200 companies is an excellent governance development. But matrices must go further: expanded information on directors that is aligned with strateg...