Governance driving performance


Boards and human resources in the digital economy

Directors are spending more time with HR executives, to understand how their organisation is adapting to changing labour force trends.

When people and technology collide - a checklist for boards after the existing words?

Upskilling boards to handle the new machine age’s benefits and pitfalls

Governance in the new machine age

Boards must understand the digital economy’s impact on their organisation’s current and future workforce.

Recent Research Insights (February 2017)

A snapshot of recent papers on governance studies and trends. Board size, personal morals, cyber-security and crisis management feature.

Emerging themes of governance and performance

The GLC scans recent corporate governance studies to identify trends on governance and firm performance.

Mutual Accountability – an effective dynamic for boards and management

Gavin Nicholson from QUT shares insights on creating a healthy dynamic between management and the board.

New GLC research by Dr Alex Frino on director independence - “balanced boards outperform”

The AICD’s Governance Leadership Centre is pleased to launch its latest commissioned research, exploring the relationship between board independence and stock price performance.

Academic perspectives on independence – mixed views on definitions and value

There are mixed views in academia on the merits of board independence and structural definitions. Tony Featherstone explores some of the current debates.

How Chairs view board independence – GLC research series

In April 2016 the GLC published a study by Dr Robert Kay and Dr Chris Goldspink that shows that director ‘mind-set’ and collective independence are critical for board performance.

Director perspective on independence – GLC interviews Kevin McCann AM

In this video Louise Pocock, Deputy Executive Director of the Governance Leadership Centre, talks to leading Australian director Kevin McCann AM about the concept of director independence, ensuring bo...
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