Stephen Walters, Chief Economist

Stephen Walters has joined the AICD in role of Chief Economist, to expand our contribution to policy debate and offer broader insights to our members.


Weekly Updates

Each Monday, Stephen Walters provides an update on the economic week that was, and the week that will be. You can follow Stephen’s updates here.

The Dismal Science: The AICD’s economics podcast

In our new weekly podcast, AICD Chief Economist Stephen Walters discusses the economic news and issues that are affecting Australian boards.

Q1 Economic Update: Better than expected but still sluggish growth

Australian economic growth for the first quarter was better than most economists expected but still remained sluggish, says AICD Chief Economist Stephen Walters MAICD in the latest quarterly economic ...

Subpar, but Australia’s economy still growing

GDP growth slips to lowest since immediately after the global financial crisis, but it’s not all bad news, writes Chief Economist Stephen Walters.

No change from RBA before weak GDP data

Today’s announcement to keep the cash rate at an all-time low comes as no surprise despite sluggish Q1 GDP growth forecast for tomorrow’s National Accounts release, writes Stephen Walters.

Federal Budget 2017: Summary for directors

Treasurer Scott Morrison’s second Budget projects a 10th straight year of deficit, with two more shortfalls to follow before the projected move back into the black.

Federal Budget 2017: Stephen Walters' analysis

Treasurer Scott Morrison said this morning that Budgets are about choices, and he has chosen to jettison the austerity of previous Budgets in favour of what he calls “fairness, security and oppo...

Economic update: RBA leaves rates unchanged

The Reserve Bank Board today announced a steady cash rate, as all surveyed economists had expected. Only two weeks ago, the Bank made clear in its latest minutes that officials are monitoring developm...

Annual inflation accelerated in Q1

AICD’s Chief Economist, Stephen Walters explores the factors that have driven a bump in inflation in the last quarter.

RBA sounding more anxious about housing

AICD’s Chief Economist, Stephen Walters MAICD, dissects the latest commentary on interest rates, and the housing and labour markets to come out of today’s Reserve Bank Board meeting.
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