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Weekly Updates

Here’s the latest weekly Economic Update from AICD Chief Economist Mark Thirlwell.

Charting Australia’s fiscal footprint in international perspective

With the budget looming, I thought it would be interesting to provide a graphical tour of how Australia’s general government footprint compares to that of our peers in the OECD.

Battling narratives and Australia’s economic outlook

Large changes in business and consumer confidence can have important economic consequences, with swings in optimism and pessimism one source of shifts in overall economic momentum. Sure, the causality...

Risks up, optimism tempered: How the RBA sees the future

Early February delivered a series of snapshots on how the RBA’s views on the economy have changed since the summer break, painting a picture of a central bank which, while still quite optimistic about...

Squeezed, not crunched: Hayne, credit and the economy

Prior to this month’s release of the Final Report of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry there were fears that any major changes t...

“Governance is right at the core of economics”: Introducing the AICD’s new chief economist

Mark Thirlwell will start as the AICD’s chief economist in February next year. He has nearly 30 years' experience as an economist, focusing on international political economy at the Bank of Engl...

2018 Federal Budget: Summary for directors

What does the 2018 Federal Budget mean for your organisation and for the wider Australian economy? AICD Chief Economist Stephen Walters GAICD and Head of Policy Christian Gergis provide their analysis...

Annual inflation anchored below RBA target

Today’s inflation data for the March quarter revealed yet another subdued result. The so-called headline rate of inflation rose just 0.4%q/q last quarter, short of economists’ expectations.

A dog’s breakfast of a jobs report for March

The Australian Bureau of Statistics today released the March jobs report. Embedded in the statistics was a timely lesson on the perils of reading too much into the month-to-month movements in the seas...

Finally, some good news on retail spending

Finally, we have some positive news on Australian consumers! National retail turnover rose 0.6%m/m in February, double what economists had expected.
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