This program has been our flagship diversity initiative since its inception in 2010. It is a practical and concrete measure designed to help achieve a greater representation of women on ASX 200 boards.

Applications are now open. Please apply by completing this application form.

Applications will close at 5pm AEST on Monday 22 May. Extensions for applications will not be permitted. Only applications made online will be considered.

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Since its inception, we have run four programs, with over 250 mentees and 200 mentors participating in total. The AICD called for all boards, with particular emphasis on ASX 200 boards to achieve a target of at least 30% female directors on their boards by the end of 2018. ASX 200 boards are currently at 25.2% female directors (31 March 2017).

2015 Chair’s Mentoring Program

In 2015, 55 Mentors and Mentees participated in the program. The Mentors that participated in the Program are included below:

For the first time in 2015 a Mentee bio booklet was published, listing all the Mentees participating in the Program and their current board roles. A selection of 2010 – 2013 Mentees were also included. This booklet was circulated to all the Mentors and several executive search consultants across Australia. A bio booklet will be published for the 2017 Program and circulated to external stakeholders.

The bio booklets will be updated on a quarterly basis on notification of new board appointments from the Mentees.

While it is hoped that Mentees will obtain additional board appointments in the future, the AICD makes no representation or guarantee as to the Mentee’s likelihood of being offered a board position.

  • Mentee bio booklet

Many past Mentees and Mentors have participated in interviews and articles during and after the Program period. To read a selection of these articles, please see the links below.

  1. Company Director Magazine 2017: Margie Seale FAICD
  2. Company Director Magazine 2016: Brian Schwartz AM FAICD
  3. Company Director Magazine 2016: In Sync with Teresa Engelhard GAICD and Russell Higgins AO FAICD
  4. Advice from the chair: Dr Ziggy Switkowski AO FAICD and Kathleen Bailey-Lord FAICD
  5. Mutual support 2015: Diane Smith-Gander FAICD and Samantha Tough FAICD
  6. Feature with David Gonski AC FAICDLife
  7. Inside the Boardroom with Marina Go MAICD
  8. What I’ve learnt: Dr Kirstin Ferguson FAICD
  9. Fiona Harris FAICD: A professional company director
  10. Chair’s Mentoring Program: Q&A with Janette Kendall FAICD
  11. Chair’s Mentoring Program: Q&A with Maree Arnason GAICD