30% club launch

AICD’s Managing Director and CEO, John Brodgen AM FAICD launched the event alongside the founder of the 30% Club in the United Kingdom, Helena Morrissey and the Chairs and non-executive directors of some of Australia’s leading companies. The initiative was launched in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Since the 30% Club was founded in the UK in 2010 by a group of UK Chairs facilitated by prominent businesswoman Helena Morrissey. Since then the proportion of women on FTSE-100 boards has increased from 12.5 to 23 per cent. While much remains to be done in Australia, this success in the UK has prompted countries across the globe including the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and New Zealand to join and set ambitious gender targets

Chairs and Directors of a substantial majority of the top ASX 300 have already pledged their commitment to the target in a series of informal discussions, as well as their willingness to assist other Chairs in reaching the target. The initiative is endorsed by AICD and strengthens our own call for all Australian companies, in particular the ASX 200 to achieve 30 per cent women on their boards by 2018. We will work closely with the 30% Club to assist organisations to achieve this target and support them in their diversity goals. 

AICD was a key supporter of the Australian 30% Club in Sydney in May. John Brogden AM FACID, Managing Director and CEO interviewed the founder of the 30% Club Helena Morrissey CBE, CEO Newton Investment Management, after the event.