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Board diversity

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WA Director Pipeline Program

The Director Pipeline Program aims to enhance and develop the skills, experience and networks of senior executive woman with board aspirations.


  • Expand your network
  • Build & develop director skills
  • Raise your profile
  • Build confidence
  • Encourage diversity in organisations

How we do it:

  • Nominees must be a current AICD member and submit their application online before COB 22th November
  • AICD will recruit approximately 35 - 38 woman into the program
  • Participants are encouraged to complete the Company Directors Course within the year of participating in the program if they are not already graduates
  • DPP commences February through October with a variety of educational events and workshops
  • Participants must attend 6 of the 8 events hosted to graduate from the DPP to be showcased in the 2020 DPP Graduation Booklet

Past Participant Comments:

“Following my on-boarding into the DPP in February, I have experienced a profound mindset shift, resulting in me being able to more clearly set myself a board career objective”

“The highlight for me of the DPP has been meeting like minded women from all industries. We have a strong group of women who still catch-up regularly. It has also been fantastic to meet a number of high profile mining execs and board members during the DPP events”

“Thank you so much for this opportunity. I grabbed it with both hands, attended everything and engaged in everything. I got so much out of it”

This program is proudly supported by Resource Capital Funds

“RCF recognizes the growing diversity of the private equity and mining sector and is dedicated to embracing diversity in its workforce. Our firm is strengthened by creating a culture that promotes and values a wide range of perspectives and experiences.”

For more information on the Director Pipeline Program please contact us at or 9320 1700.

Download the WA Director Pipeline Graduation Booklet:

Resource Capital Funds

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Links to organisations that provide services relevant to diversity and women

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Organisations focused on Board Diversity

Membership-Based Organisations

Government Organisations

Registers for Board and Committee Opportunities

These registers enable women to record their interest in being considered for an appointment to boards, committees and other decision-making bodies.

Membership-Based Organisations

State / Territory Government Registers for Board and Committee Opportunities

Each state/territory government maintains a register of people who are interested in serving on government boards and committees.

Gender Diversity Progress Report

A collection of the latest statistics, interviews, opinion pieces and case studies from
individuals and companies that are on the path to increasing the gender diversity of their
boardrooms and executive pipelines.